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by Anita Sands

Slow moving forces have made a shift into the YANG zone with Uranus in AQUARIUS, (since January 13, 1996) and you may have been noticing a new potential for PEOPLE, ZIP, ELECTRICITY, EXCITEMENT, IDEAS, NEW INVENTIONS FIGURING in your life. Well, it isn't leaving. THERE, URANUS will stay until December 30, 2003. So enjoy the ride!

NEPTUNE is also 'gone yang' in wild, maverick sign AQUARIUS, and there, IT WILL BE for almost a decade adding salt and pepper to the goose.

URANUS/NEPTUNE link in AQUARIUS, has never happened before, not in recorded history. And expect, that as it brings certain NEP/URAN/ AQUA KEYWORDS into our lives, you will be exposed to GROUPS or teams of PEOPLE involved in politics, community affairs or THE NEW AGE. This will be a highly BOHEMIAN, AVANT GARDE group that wants change, transformation or REFORM. Any of that in your life recently?

Uranus and Neptune started out together late eighties, in CAPRICORN, and it reformed INDUSTRY, banking and government, as here's where all the scandals were. Bhopal, Irancontrate, drug czars laundering money.

We are in the tail end of this fabulous, powerful charismatic once every two centuries conjunction but it has NOW MOVED INTO AQUARIUS and it is giving all of us contact with angels.

If your aura is positive due to BODY HEALTH (which means avoiding ignorant prevelant dietary practices and following NEW AGE STUDIES,) you will be CHARGED UP and PEAKING with charisma, E.S.P and INVENTIVENESS.

The late 80's had fearful, security-oriented CAPRICORN energies undergoing a change, a reform. We were examining the need to stop doing what Karl Marx called alienated labor and start doing something we LOVE, and which excites us.

Now, with URANUS and NEPTUNE in AQUARIUS, its evident, you can do what you LOVE and the money will come. So on URANUS, NEPTUNE DAYS, ponder ways to pay rent while still having excitement, passion, caring, excitement, charity, imagination, art and communalism in your life. And hopefully in your JOB ITSELF.

If what you like to do doesn't pay well enough to cover expenses, go vegie and SHARE the rent. Get roomies so you don't have such a big nut to crack. Because ultimately the nut that cracks is YOU.

ON any URANUS day this month PONDER: What study group you could set up chez toi to help students learn A New Age methodology. So many bright people are wandering around without a clue and here you're this bundle of talent, knowledge, great ideas. Don't take in more than you put out. That's called CONSTIPATION. SHARE what you know, once EVERY WEEK, minimum, by teaching a motivational 'do like I do' class at your own Living Room Learning Network. For this you get money, a spiritual brownie badge made of charisma and a lot of new devotees. Students are necessary because you can't move ON without passing it on. When you are part of a tribe, do like the Indians: take communal walkabout trips to nearby scenic places and set up camp. Your group can chip in for a down payment, buy a rural property, create septic tank, orchard, cabin together on weekends. Farm it. A retirement village type thing --Cabin-Condo-Co-ops. Ask me how to make it tax exempt for life for your heirs and you. :-) Make life joyful for yourself, or like a sheep to slaughter are you just going to create a tax-base for the government so they can put 76 dollar screws in the zillion dollar bombers they use to murder 3rd world nationalists. Communalize everything you have. Find ways to take "boarders" into your business. Office roomies. Talk up these and other Prosperity ideas with close ties today.

For some, Uran/Nep aspects are spacey --They make us float in a zero gravity atmosphere, PLENTY OF IDEAS, but no IMPLEMENTING. You may feel overloaded with possibilities but unable to grab hold of anything concrete and start work.

There's this incessant inspiration and desire to WORK but one is capable of doing only a little of this an 'that, unfocused, terribly aware of the chaos in one's home, on planet earth, also aware of the blues due to a lack of control or power. There's a sense one is 'slipping.' Good. ABANDON all control. Let chaos rule. Swim in chaos and enjoy it ---meanwhile REACHING for the nearest chore at hand, and doing it well, then the next, until the hugest patchwork quilt of linked chores is done. THE WORK is finished. Then, order will be restored, and as you do, putting out a more positive mental image of yourself as a constructive, organizing force. Once you've fought total chaos and procrastination disease this way you will once and for all become organized, powerful, neat and in control and can lick chaos with an occasional few hours doing cleanup, organizing, pidgeonholing preparatory to a little of the real creative genius work. But why do mundane clean-up during an high ESP UR/NEP moment? Dig the chaos. Ask your consciousness to roam higher dimensions and come back with tangles of angel hair in its fingers, i.e. spider webs spun by you--- philosophy (the passtime of princes or INVENTIVENESS in the arts, in writing.) SEEK INSPIRATION on such days. Anything can do it. A book, a Bio. The most inspiring thing I've seen lately was a documentary on the life and work of Raoul Dufy. I was moved to start sketching, designing a Dufy shower curtain and painting as I watched the show. House and Garden Cable can stimulate you to do artisanry.

So seek the inspiring books or cable shows or create your own show in the Public Access studio at your cable channel. Publish your book online. ExLibris at Random House will publish it, no charge. Even pay YOU! Get on the computer, in the classroom of your living room, there research, write, (publishing on your own website); Sketch, which is the needed preparation for painting. LEARN something and maybe even teach it.

You can't write or teach, you say? It doesn't come out of you? How do you know it doesn't until you sit at the blank computer screen. Does a spider know it has a webspinner gismo? NO, not until one day he thinks 'let's see if I can swing from here to there 'and he throws himself into the void and this NYLON string appears, carrying him into frenzies of lace-making. SO START spinning, start swinging.

Now, there is ONE MORE YANG planet out there. Pluto is in Sagittarius since November 11, 1995. PLUTO stays in this high energy sign thru November 27, 2008, ALL OF THESE are YANG, or masculine energy, expanding signs which create a high reform, liberal, high action, highly inventive, new idea society. It truly is an information industry based world, you know. So pick your niche, buff up on something and start informing!

Oh by the way, one more planet is about to go YANG on us. JUPITER IS GOING INTO GEMINI June 30th, 2000. Mars will be in LEO for a month and a half, after AUGUST 1st. So we have additional YANG signs, so things are super positive right now. The world has gone MENTAL on us!

This is only the THIRD TIME we have seen Uranus in this sign, the Waterbearer, since its accidental (Uranian keyword!) discovery in 1781 by the English astronomer Sir William Herschel. Astrologers have only had two opportunities to study and interpret Uranus in Aquarius - some very high action periods,-- one was 1828 thru 1835, when the TELEGRAPH was invented and information could flow from one end of the country to the other for the first time! INDUSTRY mechanized. Factories had 'machines.' Cotton gins, steam-driven turbines, mechanized looms created a huge industrial sector in every major city of the planet, creating LABOR UNIONS, and creating large teams of men networking politically, which had never ocurred before. Men with similar interests.

In spite of unions, economic growth was rapid and at the END of the URANUS period, new money laws were required. These caused the country to go into a recession and the factories of New England shut down and EMPTIED their workers out onto the plains. Starving, homeless, jobless workers became Pioneers over night. Everyone moved west. "Go West young Man" is a sentence characteristic of a high YANG quotient. Andrew Jackson was president and Old Hickory, a career soldier, began plotting the moving of our national frontiers both west and south. The ALAMO ocurred in l836, just after this period, and was the successful fruit of years of plotting how to move our pioneers into another country's province, and then boot the rightful owners out.

During this period, President Jackson was studying ways to later drive the Mexicans out of California using his good friend and ex army buddy, Sam Houston. So EXPANSION, people seeking 'the NEW' and volatile change are characteristics of highly URANIAN period.

The next URANUS period was 1912 thru 1919 - when Airplanes, cars and the RADIO were invented. Along with WORLD WAR ONE. The first war with airplanes used to drop bombs. And shoot bullets which made genocide easy. And within 25 years, an airplane had been used to drop an Atom Bomb on Japan.

So let's take a second look at the dignified phenomenon of Uranus in its homesign THE WATERBEARER so that we may withstand the oncoming changes.

First of all, the WATER BEARER has nothing to do with water. That's electricity pouring out of that jug. Those wavy lines are a dual current. It is an AIR sign, dry, cold, super wired. It rules the latest inventions, digital t.v., INTERNET, CABLE, fast modems, Telecommunications. It also rules high level, communalism, team work, what Ouspensky and Gurdgeiff called 'school force,' that is a series of INFORMATION BYTEs that create wisdom, Spirituality. And perhaps, UFO's and visiting aliens may throw their influence in, thusly heightening man's ability to wake up, communicate and transform societal ethics. So, look to a motley set of GURUS who will transform Your Consciousness!

Looking back at the only two recorded historical transits of Uranus in Aquarius, we see they brought advances in electrical science that perfected theory into product.

According to astrologer Stan Barker in The Sign of the Times: The Neptune Factor and America's Destiny (Llewellyn Publications), the English mathematician Charles Babbage devised the analytical engine, an early prototype of the computer as Samuel F. B. Morse developed the telegraph during the first historically recorded transit of Uranus in Aquarius in 1835. Moreover, research & development by American electrical engineers Greenleaf Whittier Pickard & Edwin Howard Armstrong during the second historically recorded transit from 1912-1919 resulted in commercial radios during the 1920's.

What scientific inventions will perfect the World Wide Web, the Internet, video technology, cable television, & space travel? In 75 years, will ordinary people feel comfortable traveling to Mars & Venus with the family for vacation, while the more daring explorers financially underwritten by governments annually traverse Uranus, Neptune & Pluto? Will other intelligent life forms dare traverse the Clintonian addendum to the Roosevelt Corollary & the Monroe Doctrine as they travel past Jupiter & Mars to Earth to speak to the leader of our planet?

And what will URANUS do to YOUR LIFE?

For ARIES RISING- Because you are a born leader and can express ideas clearly & succinctly, you will be moved to find friends, groups and clubs as audiences. These groups need your dynamic leadership to progress. Uranus empowers you with opportunities to refine your already well-honed rap with more fresh & eager listeners that you find in these GROUPS. NEW FRIENDS you make on URANUS days bring excitement. Help you link with meaningful groups.

For TAURUS RISING- A high tech career beckons. Uranus is in your l0th house. Get ye to the electronics world, get into information industries. Learn to design and load a website. It's not that hard. They have night school classes that are 15$ a semester at adult high schools. City colleges are more like 135$ a class. Extension at University is 300$. You will add moonlighting careers to your life. Uranus makes the NEW and exciting occur in your CAREER. Unexpected events go on with you and your parents/ boss on these days too. Use these Days to surprise the Big Guy with your smarts!

For GEMINI RISING- Time to give and attend new age, higher mind classes and PUBLISH a book as URANUS is in your 9th house. Your GURUS are your secret pep pill, now. Or maybe it's that YOU will become one. People always want to pick your brains, so put a price tag on your teaching. Uranus, favoring philosophy & religion, ruling your natal 9th, adds a glamorous aura to ideas that you've hatched from the egg & nurtured to maturity. Do not let your students get something for nothing. CHARGE and you will become a full time gainfully employed person.

For CANCER RISING- Uranus rules a threatening house for you, the 8th house of shock. Uranus threatens your life by causing changes in your family circle, and changing the ground rules related to trusts, inheritance, alimony, money owed you, insurance payoffs, making others radical, assertive, frightening you about permanence. You worry that your feet are not on solid ground. You tend to rely on others, to be the cooperative GLUE in a family group but Uranus warns you that you cannot assert your independence without destabilizing both personal communication & joint finances. Uphold your responsibility and stay free of fear. No indulging your desire for freedom of worry. LIFE is full of uncertainty. It's good for you. ACCEPT it, bless it! THEN do the research to make certain those land titles go to you, that the trust is in your name, and that inheritance taxes don't eat up the gift your parents intend for you.

For LEO RISING- Remember that, in romance, the thrill of uncertainty heightens the joy of togetherness. Don't let things bog down into every day being identical, which matrimony or keeping steady company can do! It's on your shoulders to keep it fresh, unique. Your partner has a gift for this. More than you, even so, try to think of what you could do to stage manage remarkably NEW, novel situations, that the partner would enjoy. Master novelty and do novelty better than anyone! What you should do to serve that exciting lover is to think up increasingly WILDER places to meet and more odd events to do. Uranus assures that lovers' games will not be obstacles but become building blocks for a different, fresher, more exciting type of love. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A life partner then you are meant to see the GENERAL PUBLIC in some way, and that's where you have to stage manage excitement.

For VIRGO RISING- Uranus is in your sixth house of job, health. While you may be impatient to test your most innovative ideas in the workplace, you must find people who share your intensity and vision. Uranus will crown you as the master innovator if you can promote a couple of other homerun hitters to bat around you in the lineup. THE JOB arena is the house of domestic animals, pets, servants, employees as well and here is where the emphasis is for a few years. Also, a VIRGO keyword is ORCHARD. Fruits Time to get those trees in and learn tree technology.

For LIBRA RISING- Uranus is in your 5th house of love, creativity and children. Kids, creative projects & love affairs which flourish under smooth conditions suffer when the environment gets too wild and unpredictable. Uranus demands that you learn to surf an uneven terrain and even adapt to the changes and get creative with the changes. Too much control will inhibit the natural growth of beauty, love, fun. Let the kids go wild. If no kids, this is the house of sweethearts, and that's where you get the thrills and curved balls.

For SCORPIO RISING- Time to reform your home. Uranus in your 4th. Get the whole remake up and running by creating NEW AGE searing color on the walls, with white trim, white curtains. Then, redo the garden. Next, get the hard ware; we're referring to the decor and the machines or PC's in the home, and the architecture of the home. Get the FENG SHUI, the décor technology. Get that fountain set up in the living room, surrounded by plants and rocks and animal statues. So much house work for you. Get the technology for that, too. Sleeping to the syncopated rhythm of simultaneously running washers & dryers may be necessary. Keeping up with your housework is necessary if you are to have a good FENG SHUI vibe -- which in turn, creates prosperity.

For SAGITTARIUS RISING - Uranus in the 3rd house of studies. Your living room can become a New Age University as clubs and classrooms meet chez toi. Uranus challenges you to establish a learning center where you can enjoy the company of friends. Ask me for file on this ( A home office with a PC is mandatory and your old PC's in the kiddies' rooms. You teach 'em how. And create outside classes for yourself at nearby schools. Adult High School is the cheapest of all. 15$ a semester. Is highly recommended by me, a lady who learned to use PC's there.

For CAPRICORN RISING- Uranus is in your 2nd house. Unexpected financial dilemmas come from unexpected avenues on URANUS adverse days. BUT ON URANUS POWER DAYS, trines, you SNAG HUGE MONETARY DEALS, out of nowhere. For you, the POWER DAILIES are so important, to LEAP on good days, to MAKE THAT BID FOR FAME as you can make a bank roll now. ON BAD URANUS DAYS, turn down what comes your way. On such days, budget, avoid speculation. Uranus can obliterate the most meticulous strategy suddenly & do so without warning. But this planet can go "EITHER WAY" It can give you a windfall out of the clear blue sky so always carry a project with you in the briefcase to give to a VIP at a split second's notice. Takes a cup to catch manna when it falls. PEOPLE, club, groups, networking partying will provide you with GRIST for your money mill. Another thing to do is study how to be a daytrader. There are schools in any big city now.

For AQUARIUS RISING - You are the one singing an exciting song and you do so for the entire world. The MEDIA, the INTERNET is your personal audience now. GET THAT WEBSITE UP, and build an archive of articles there to delight all. Can be just links to other websites, or text you store at your site. Get in touch with ExLibris at Random House. They publish your book for free on the internet. You need a webmaster. Call me for a guy's name. Does at l00$ website with many pages, much artwork. Loads it for 5$ a month. But you could learn all this yourself, you know. You tend to get excited and try to build Rome in a day but this hot Uranus period goes on for years, so relax. EVERY URANUS DAY gives you hours of time to work, so get UP, electronically speaking, get ONLINE, get the tekkies, or study web design tech yourself. Takes twenty hours to learn to design websites. You are inspired, alive, crackling. Any information that hits your mental grid causes ripples. Inspiration is continual these days. You're on fire like a bonfire chewing books, courses instead of wood. Be sure to get your 8 hrs sleep every night and don't miss a full 8 ever or you'll burn yourself to ASH!

For PISCES RISING- Uranus is in your 12th house ruling the astral plane. Psychic people make decisions based upon a subconscious first impression. You do more than any of us, therefore, communicate the full scope of your ideas with the briefest of sound bytes. You're miles ahead due to your intuition and E.S.P. Teach us how to do it. Learn and teach yoga or other psychic type classes. URANUS is in your house of late life, so plan now for groups that you'll hang with for the rest of your stay here. Yoga classes, hypnotism, that kind of work.

A Bit about the Author:

Anita Sands (published by DELL HOROSCOPE magazine, two cover stories) , reads the horoscopes of Hollywood's most famed mystics, including the late Carlos Castaneda, Yogi Bhajan, the ex president of India, Dyal Singh, also many other gurus, teachers, New Age personalities and some filmstars, Sally Kirkland, Michael Learned, Joan Hackett, Cheryl Ladd, Laverne and Shirley, Nicolas Cage, Robert Stack and his wife, Mrs. Clark Gable, (the late) many directors and producers and a few rock stars: Courtney Love, Joni Mitchell. She has often been called the "FIRST LADY of Astrology", "Stargazer to the STARS" "Guru to the Gurus". Her writings are found at

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