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RED: Ruling planet is Mars. Element is fire. Zodiac signs are Aries and Scorpio. This color brings physical love and passion as well as assisting with career and business goals. Helps with the healing of muscle injury.

Spells and Rituals: Strength, courage, fast action, love, will power, physical power and sexual desire.

ORANGE: Ruling planet is Mercury and Chiron. Zodiac signs are Virgo and Gemini. Used for favorable decisions and success. An aid in telepathic communications between willing parties, it should not be used to invade another. Mercury likes to play tricks, especially upon persons using her incorrectly.

Spells and Rituals: Business goals, property deals, ambition, legal matters, encouragement, justice, sudden changers, control, to change ones luck, draw good things and general success.

MAGENTA: No ruling planet. Very high vibrational frequency, meaning that it will work very quickly. Magenta is usually used with other candles.

Spells and Rituals: Quick changes, spiritual healing and exorcism.

COPPER: No ruling planet. Good for fertility in business and career maneuvers.

Spells and Rituals: Passion, money goals and professional growth.

GOLD: Ruling planet is the sun. Zodiac sign is Leo. Encourages understanding and quick monetary gain. Promotes safety and power of the male.

Spell and Rituals: Intuition, divination, understanding, wealth and higher influences.

YELLOW: Ruling planet is the sun. Zodiac sign is Leo. Used in a long doleful period, wealth, imagination and acclaim.

Spells and Rituals: Intelligence, confidence, accelerated learning, breaking mental blocks, sudden changes, happiness and overcoming injustices.

PINK: Ruling is Venus and Erzulie. Zodiac signs are Taurus and Libra. Brings forth friendship, passion, romantic love, peace and flirtation.

Spells and Rituals: Planetary goodwill, spiritual awakening and healing, and partnership of emotional maturity and emotional healing.

GREEN: Ruling planet is Venus. Element is Earth. Zodiac signs are Taurus and Libra. Greatly associated with Mother Earth. Green works well with orange candles. When used together, obstacles can be removed and hidden passages can be reveled.

Spells And Rituals: Physical healing of disorders and disease, aids in cancer cases, female health problems, good fortune, tree and plant magick, fertility success, marriage and balance.

LIGHT BLUE: Ruling planet is Mercury. Element is water. Zodiac sign is Virgo and Pieces. Great for calming ones self and to calm troubles in home life.

Spells and Rituals: Peace, protection, harmony, friendship, fever relief, and neutralizing other magickal spells.

PURPLE: Ruling planet is Jupiter. Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Works for honor, recognition in acquiring wealth and respect, improve chances at winning lawsuits, a gate to hidden knowledge and acquiring influential and powerful allies. Related to power; works well with yellow, orange and green candles.

Spells and Rituals: Idealism, third eye, physic ability, wisdom, progress, success, protection, spiritual power, to break a bad luck cycle, drive away evil and divination.

DARK BLUE: Ruling planet is Jupiter. Element is water. Zodiac sign is Gemini. Same attributes, spells and rituals as light blue.

INDIGO: Ruling planet is Saturn. Stops situations or people from doing harm, draws Saturnís power and induces extreme, deep meditation.

Spells and Rituals: Mediation, stopping gossip or unwanted rivalry, balances karma and neutralizes anotherís magick.

SILVER: Ruling planet is the moon. Zodiac sign is cancer. Aids in telepathy, clairaudience, astral energies and intuition.

Spells and Rituals: Removes negativity, encourages stability, attracts the Mother Goddess, psychic powers, female power, communication, dreams and clairvoyance. BROWN: Ruling planet is Pluto. Zodiac sign is Capricorn. Influences friendship and special favors. Works well on physical planes, grounding and stabilization.

Spells and Rituals: Concentration, intuition, justice, separation and balance.

BLACK: Ruling planet is Saturn. Zodiac sign is Capricorn and Aquarius.

Attribute to Saturn, known as the teacher. Must be very cautious when selecting this color because; Saturn is used for retribution when we have been done wrong by. This power of magick must not be misused ever, even when bad is being done upon you. Black candles are not used very often. Only for a reputable spell, when it calls for it.


Spells and Rituals: Protection from retribution, will power, revenge, strength, uncrossing, shapeshifting and binding negative forces, repels dark magick (banishing).

WHITE: Ruling planet is the moon. Zodiac sign is Cancer. Represents the Goddess and the highest form of purity. Oneís high self, peace and virginity. White is the best color for cleansing and absorption. White can also be used as a substitute for any other color.

Spells and Rituals: Spirituality, purity, power of higher nature and wholeness of oneís self.

Dressing Your Candle

Dressing a candle before using it, is a must. This is the cleansing and concentration of the candle(s).

First, you will need oil: These oilís can be purchased at Wiccan outlet store, over the Internet and even at local stores (perfumeís can also be used).

When dressing a candle, stroke the oil in a downward motion, starting from the top of the candle working your way towards the middle, then stop, Then, stroke the oil from the bottom upwards to the middle of the candle and stop. This preparation is used when you would like to draw something towards you.

To repel, reverse this process by starting at the middle and working your way to the top and then to the bottom.

Do not rub back and forth, this will defeat the whole purpose in dressing a candle.

Create your altar, make sure it will not be disturbed and will not create a potential fire hazard.

By timing your candle magic to the moon cycles, it increases the power of your spell or ritual.

The ideal time when you wish to pull something towards you is during the waxing moon.

The ideal time to repel something away from you is during the waning moon.

Carvings, such a Runes, can also be carved into the candle; this will also increase the intensity of the spell or ritual.

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