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Premonition of a Young Girl

by Sherry Hinton

Portions of this story are true, others are fictional

The year was 1986 and a young girl had once again awoken from a devastating dream. A dream she would soon realize would change her life forever and completely. For the 15th time in as many nights a young girls screams woke the entire household. Looking blankly at the ceiling as she regains some modicum of reality, she realizes that the dream had changed slightly yet the message was clear. Something was very wrong.


It was track and field once again. The young miss had high hopes of once again earning a blue ribbon. She’d been training herself to run as fast as her young legs could take her for better part of a year now. But something seemed wrong. Not exactly the way she had perceived it to be. Tired beyond belief she thought, perhaps she’d over done it the day before with her run.

Getting ready for the 200-yard dash. Doing some stretches to loosen up her stiff joints. Again a thought crossed her mind. Something’s wrong!

Desperate to receive the blue ribbon the 7-year-old ignored the inner warning. Taking her mark at the starting point with the rest of the school children. "Ready…. Set… GO " the announcer said as a kind of shot rang out. She only made it 5 feet.

For some reason the young girl was tiring fast. In a panic she tries to gain more ground and finds herself unmoving. Almost as if she’d fainted she slowly sinks down to the ground. Unable to move. She’s cold, So cold.


Waking with a scream of pure terror the young girl sees her father rush into the room in a panic

"Is everything okay baby?" he asks. Scared because he’d never heard his oldest daughter scream in terror like that before.

"Daddy something’s wrong. I’m scared" the young girl replies sobbingly.

"Did you have a bad dream hunny? Everything is okay. You’re home. Daddy’s here, Everything’s okay" Yet the young girl can’t shake the feeling that something is dreadfully wrong.

As time passes and the Dreams begin to dwindle somewhat the girls mind begins to ease. Perhaps it was just a dream after all.


Sleeping soundly the young girl felt a soft hand brush against her forehead. Yet she didn’t want to wake up. A soft whisper brushed her ear. Someone was calling her name. Waking up slowly she saw, what could only be described as a beautiful being. Was standing over her, gently brushing her short brown hair away from her forehead.

Slowly the being sat on the side of the bed, almost engulfing the young child. Then the being spoke

"You have to be brave for the task you must take. For the Journey, that is to await you in a short time. Do not fear. You will be strong, and overcome the difficulties that will await you" the being said to the child.

Enchanted by the being in white that sat before her the child blinked a few times thinking she was dreaming. She felt warm, strong and weak all at the same time.

"What do you mean?" the child asked. Long ago refusing to believe in such things as angels and god.

The being turned once again to the child and said, " your task is a difficult one for one so young. Yet you will overcome it. In the next few months you will see a lot of things that you will not believe to be true. Suffer pain unimaginable, and your will to live will be tested" She smiled at that and looked at the child "Just remember you aren’t alone. And that god loves you. Now sleep and do not worry of what’s to come"

Gently the young girl began to drift off once again. Dreaming of things that were only told of in fairy tails. Mythical beings sent to save the soul. And to keep the heart young.


There was a panic in the hospital room.

"Code blue Code blue room 35. Dr Walski Please report the children’s ward"

She’d stopped breathing. The disease that had caught her a few months before had progressed to a fatal stage before the doctors had her transferred. The girl’s mother was standing nearby cuddled in a corner trying to stay out of the way of the doctors. Praying for her daughter’s life.

"Please. God don’t let her die" the mother whimpered at the far end of the room.

There was a collective sigh from the doctors as they managed to get the girl breathing again. Yet not without complications. She was in a coma now. All they could do was wait.


A magical creature. White as snow, yet not exactly what she could call a horse. There was something different. The single horn in the center of the animal’s forehead portrayed it to be a unicorn. A mythical creature and the guardian of the heart. The animal kneeled as if to say everything’s okay. Swinging up onto the animals strong back it carried her to what appeared to be a very high Golden Gate. With golden eagles appearing overhead.

As they approached the gate she slithered from the great animal’s back, and started walking towards the gate when a young boy. She had called her brother for a number of months walked to her from the light.

"It’s not time. You have to go back!" he said softly

"But why are you here brother. Your not even at this hospital." She replied almost tearfully

" I know" he said, " we’ll be together again someday, but now you have to fight, you have to be strong"

Just then another being, the one she’d thought was a dream only a short while ago was beside the young boy.

"Child it’s not your time. You have to get well again. There’s so much you have to do." Slowly the woman turned the young girl around "You have to go back to your mom. She needs you now"

Teary eyed the young girl nodded and started walking back to the chaos and the sickness of her body. Waking slowly she looked at her mom who was sitting beside the bed watching her intently. Slowly the young girl managed a slow smile. As if to say "hi mom"

The young mother burst out into tears and rushed from the room. Calling for the doctors to come quickly.

Once the Doctors had arrived it was apparent that the young girl was somehow. Miraculously sitting up in bed. Something she hadn’t been able to do for a number of months. The doctors decided to run some tests. Take a few muscle tissue samples to determine what was happening.

After a few short weeks the girl was told she could go home. Though she’d lost her hearing, Her ability to walk for the time being. She had full confidence that she’d be okay. And she’d later learn she was given more than one great gift. Yet the doctors couldn’t understand her recovery. Claming it was a miracle that she was alive at all let alone have the possibility to lead a normal life.

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