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Attracting someone in particular

So, you want to attract someone in particular to either notice you, or fall in love with you? It is very important to realize that you must be careful for what you wish for. This spell must be taken very seriously. It must be followed down to the letter. You will find that you will need to do some preparatory work before you can perform this spell. Don’t cut corners, or your spell may actually backfire. Spells are dangerous, and should not be used for fun. Don’t think about your spell after it is complete. Let it work its magic.


1. You need to gather any personal belongings that belong to the person that you love. This may be anything that has made any personal contact with the person. This could be in the form of hair, jewelry, clothing, or even a photo. If you have nothing at all, it is acceptable to write the person’s full name on a sheet of paper.

2. You need to collect 13 red, and any amount of white or pink candles for your spell.

3. You need to check out the CRYSTALS section in to choose what gems you would like to use to strengthen your spell.

4. Gather incense, flowers, or red fabric to strengthen your spell.

5. Choose your tarot card Images. You must choose the Major Arcana Card #6 “The Lovers” You must choose a tarot card image that represents you, and one to represent the one you love. (3 tarot images in total).

Before you perform your spell

1. This Spell is best performed at night on a new moon, other times are less effective.

2. Prepare yourself psychologically. I.E. Take a relaxing bath, deep breathing, or mediation with or without relaxing music. As you are doing one of these exercises, visualize yourself with your lover. Imagine what it is that you exactly want from this relationship. Have that persons’ image in your minds’ eye. Spend time on this step. Visualization is very important. While you are doing this step, burn a candle or incense.

3. Turn off your phone, etc. Make sure you will not be disturbed during the making of your spell.

4. Set a table where you can lay your tarot card images, your candles, incense, flowers, gems, and personal belongings on a red cloth. The 13 red candles are laid in a circular formation. Everything else is placed around the circle with the exception of the tarot card images which will be placed in the center of the circle.

The Spell

1. Lay your 3 tarot card images face-up in the center of your 13 red candle circle. The first card on the left represents you, the second is “The Lovers” and the third represents your lover.

2. Light all of the candles involved in your spell.

3. Place your hands over the first card (the one that represents you) and visualize what you want from the person. Picture yourself with your lover. Concentrate on your own feelings and desire for your lover. Hold the image in your mind for at least 8 heartbeats.

4. Take hold of your lovers personal belongings that you have gathered. Hold it in your hands, and meditate on the love that you want to feel from the person. Say your lovers name aloud 3 times. Concentrate on your lovers image. Focus on every detail of that person. Imagine the feeling of that person being in love with you.

5. Place your hands on the center tarot card image “The Lovers.” This card binds the affections of all the cards together. Imagine you and your lover together. Picture you and your lover doing things that make both of you happy. Hold these images for a minimum of 8 heartbeats. The clearer your images are, the better!

6. Repeat aloud with as much feeling as possible the following affirmation.


These images bring on love in my life

And in this life (name of lover) and (your name) are meant to be together.

With this Spell and the power of the Lovers these images come true.

(Name of Lover) will come to (your name)

Love will bind us together, our love will grow.

No matter what distance apart we are.

I give my love to (Name of lover)

(Name of Lover) gives love to me

Our love is passionate, and heated... as strong as these flames.

My desire is true. Beginning here and now.

(Name of Lover) and (your name) will love each other eternally.

So Mote it be.

7. Hold your images in your mind for 8 heartbeats.

8. At this point, your spell is closed. Blow out your candles, your incense, etc.

9. Clean up your spell, and don’t dwell on it. It will happen. The spell is in the making, and works well without constant thought.

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