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Who Am I To You?

Secrets of the Chart Comparison


As an astrologer, clients will always come to you with another birth chart, that of the husband, sweetheart, child or boss, the parent, girlfriend or potential employer. They are going to ask, 'What's going to happen? Is there really a pull here? Will we last?"

I answer that by saying, 'To know that, you have to know what he or she is in your life." They blink at me, not understanding and I repeat. "What you really want to know is --who is he TO YOU? Do they have boss destiny, friend destiny? "

(For me, astrology is figuring out who 'fits' in your destiny and how and then if he has one of those 'fits' to your chart.)

Clients always insist, well, I love him. That's who he is to me. So then, I give them a reading, either a typed up document or a verbal analysis of 'WHO THEY ARE TO YOU." This will eventually go to other parts of the chart, other implications, and other areas to be read. Let me give you my secrets now as it's so easy, anyone can do it.

There's a way for astrologers to tell what contacts can do for you, (or DO TO YOU is more likely) but, as I like to call it, it boils down to "who they ARE to you."

You will be able to take two charts and you will literally be able to spot the 'karma' (as the kids say.) The interaction. The pull or magnetism. You do that with basic chart synastry, chart-to-chart links but the emphasis is first of all, on your client's own archetypes. His or her receptors for certain constant types of people that he needs. He is only 'casting' his movie with other actors. The movie is really about HIM.

For instance, the 7th house ruler for a Libra rising, Venus ruled person is MARS. They tend to pick these egocentric Mars ruled people and usually can handle them because they're all cuddley and cooperative being Libra rising.

Their l0th house has MOON ruling it as Cancer is up there in the l0th. The key to the boss they 'pull in' or attract is in the moon position. If their MOON is in cold CAPRICORN they want cold, efficient bosses. They create their own HAVING that kind of boss, so let's not hear them complain LATER.

You want to be able to type up (or verbally deliver) a point by point analysis of - what their own archetype is and the planet that rules that archetype in their own chart, and - what other aspects are made, in their own natal chart, to that MOON in CAPRICORN, (is it conjunct JUPITER in their own chart?) and - we move to the other chart and see what the other person has that 'engages' that MOON and then - we tell them who that other person whose chart they trudge in with IS to them.

My method is: fly by the rule book and stick to it, and do it in depth. The trick to doing it well, in a nutshell is, have to have ascendants for both charts. No solar charts need apply, here.

If you want to go look at the boyfriend's chart, see who his perfect PARTNER is, and you don't have an exact chart, you can't look at his 7th house, his 7th house ruler, see where it is and what aspects it makes. All that isn't possible for you, and we do want to look at the boyfriend's chart or the bosses' chart and see what their 'receptors' are and what it might feel like FOR THEM to plug into your client. If bosses' girlfriend ruler is VENUS in CAPRICORN, this wonderful boss might move in an authoritative but harassing way toward her.

So, only try this when you've got exact data. Then, set both charts before you, and move procedurally, to jot down the interchart aspects. Do each aspect as the heading on a paragraph which you will leave blank.

Say that the first link you see is that the man's Venus is conjunct your female client's Mars. Second paragraph has heading 'His Jupiter square your Sun.' Third paragraph reads 'His Saturn quincunx your SUN." You make a list. It's rarely more than a dozen things. I call these the "LINKS. " And I number them, one, two, three.

When you have the dozen contacts, and I include links to nodes, Chiron, Bacchus, Midheaven and Ascendant, go back to your client's chart, and see what her end of the link means. This man's Venus is on your client's MARS did we say? Well, if your client's MARS rules her 9th house, and is in her sixth house in a trine, he's her lucky guru, publisher, teacher, lawyer or advisor. Those are the 9th house people. He teaches, advises then as her natal Mars is in her 6th house, he is a co-worker, or a personnel agent who gets her jobs or he serves her, works with her in her corporation. You can extrapolate certain information about who he is to her, just from her side of that one link.

Next, there's his side of it. If his VENUS rules his wife or partner house, the 7th, then she's a shoo-in to marry him. He will propose. But as she will have many men working in her corporation, many teachers, she may not want to marry him.

As the chart to chart LINK is a conjunction, you tell your client that amazingly, your paths cross easily, your MINDS REALLY MEET. Your eyes click and it's a hormonal 'peachy pink' feeling at first glance. A conjunction, especially of Venus and Mars, makes the two people magnetically drawn to one another and of course, the nature of Venus and Mars is physical, hormonal and passionate. So, you tell her, 'when you two first met face to face it was a real click.'

Or, if this client is not there with you for feedback, and you're typing her analysis, you write it down. Just take a leap of faith. Trust in stargazing. Fill in that paragraph. Type it in, 'you're a real twosome, it's a total click, there's passion here, etc.' But throw in, 'he certainly thinks you're the wife of his dreams, but this click alone isn't going to make you want to marry him. You're more passionate about working together.'

There are little refinements. Say, his Venus is in early Aquarius, so you type "even though there's all this passion, it's basically friendship for him. Venus in Aquarius can HAVE romances and even marriages with friends, that's how VenAquarians are" but since it's an out of sign conjunction, say your client's Mars is in late Capricorn, it's BIZ for you, on some level. So you type, 'You are born with Mars ruling the 9th house, of teachers, so this teacher helps you get jobs, do business, learn and prepare yourself for a career and is a co-worker. Your Mars tells me you're ambitious, being in Capricorn." Now, you're getting the feeling that this man advises her, somehow. Throw that in.

But always go back to his chart for cues, for your inspiration. If you see that he has his VENUS in the house of friends, but it's his marriage house ruler, that Venus, say that he will want to stay friends with his wife. He's somewhat distant, cool, unconnected to the wife between sexual encounters, It's just how he is. He retreats into friendship between passionate bouts. He has to be re-won each time for the VENUS/MARS chart to chart conjunction to be set off. Analyze the contact from his viewpoint.

LAST, before you close that paragraph, the finale is current transits to this link. Since NEPTUNE is sitting smack on his VENUS right now in the 5th degree of Aquarius, in our skies...romantic ties are floating on a cloud of spun sugar now. Let's let this one wait until NEPTUNE has passed. You don't know all the facts. There is some degree of deception on both of you now.

We always use the word deception or mirage in connection with NEPTUNE as it rules disillusions, fraud, mirages or liquid situations that slip through our fingers, and escape us. And you might tell her that "the connection you're feeling now may not work out. Nor will the passion. It slips away, a mirage, a chimera."

Or, say that the man's MERCURY is in the 29th degree of SCORPIO and it rules the 5th house of whom he loves. And say she has her MOON semisquare it in 14 degrees LIBRA. The 29th degree of any sign is a RED ALERT but never more than when it's in the "cursed degree of the cursed sign", 29 degrees SCORPIO.

You can warn her that there this man has 'lessons to learn.' His life is fateful and that he has some horrible secret tied up in his love attitudes. And that when SATURN gets to 14 CANCER a few years down the line, his life will collapse his secrets will be found out. I always let her determine what to do only suggesting that she not marry him until that date comes and goes "How long do we have," she asks. You look ahead in the ephemeris and see that Saturn won't get to that area until Sept and Oct 2003, but then it's a dilly as MARS and SATURN stand there.

Now you have to hedge a guess. "This passion will last for a few years, and in late 2003, become a real headache, as Mars/Saturn are malefics and a man with his MERCURY in 29 SCORPIO has a secret problem. Of course that MERCURY would need to be in connection with some malefics in his own chart. If it were just Merc 29, he'd be addicted to porno. But Merc 29 with MARS and Saturn on it at birth, he'd be addicted to pedophilia with violence.

But say she's in love with him. I'd tell her, Neptune confuses us. IT lies to us. And as you MET this man at the local super market, with Neptune there, (let's say that's the case, that she's given you a meeting chart...) and he met your two children that day, too, it will never end in any substantial relationship like marriage, but more like ....a romance that covers a horrible secret."

If your client is sitting there, she's going to be shocked. So you pour her some tea and pat her hand, and look at the other links in the chart. Maybe there's something more hopeful there. And if she's not with you, and you're preparing the comparison charts, pour yourself some tea and type up the other links.

Next say, you see that the man's Jupiter squares her sun. That's an excellent aspect. Not bad at all. SUN is her friend house ruler. She's got Leo on the 11th cusp say, Libra rising. So he's got a GOOD LUCK planet on her friend ruler. She gains from his Jupiter teaching ability. Of course, this one works two ways. He draws a lot of her SUN power from her.

Say that Jupiter is his 5th house LOVE ruler. Then, he really loves her. You type that up. Does it outweight the first aspect? No. Remember this. Things never outweigh or cancel each other out. What happens is that they BOTH WORK. Both things happen. Proceed with that in mind and you won't be wrong.

Such prediction and analysis work organizes the work table, don't you think? It refines the search/thinking mode and gives the student astrologer a taking off point for exploring RELATIONSHIPS that matter to your clients. It is also quicker and more complete to organize things this way. Rarely will any chart to chart links escape your eye.

This comparison chart will help the client look at exactly what's happening NOW, too, as you analyze all transits to this LINK and make predictions for dates that events will occur. Dates near whichthat special interaction will become manifest.

That is finally where astrology is most eerie. Right on the dot, things occur. It usually takes another planet bumping into the main transit. Remember I said that in 2003, Mars and Saturn would be together in the sky for a few long months? And it would hit the sickest part of his own natal horoscope? Something in the skies would have to link with that; another transiting malefic in the skies, and BOTH of them fall on his MERCURY in late SCORPIO to get a life-shaking event, the kind that would call off the engagement quick!

So phase three is the following: the client goes home with her predictions in a notebook. She stares in disbelief for a few weeks. She is careful to keep it a dating/ engagement, but she's looking for signs of something odd in him. When the boyfriend takes her two children for sodas, she queries them carefully, what did he ask you? What did he talk about? But it isn't over yet, for you. A good astrologer watches what happens to clients after such an analysis. I stay in touch via email. They get their dailies for free on their PC once a week. You can see them at

By watching her dailies, she will one day see that VENUS and MARS are linked in the sky, with MERCURY ruling children all in 29 fixed and 14 cardinals. On that day, I might send a note to her, with her email, 'watch your kids.' I also ask clients to call me in the next few months, and inform me what day and hour action, events, changes occurred. And I'll pull their charts from file and see what's up.

This is an ongoing learning process for the astrologer where she learns the nature of planets in the trenches firsthand; so why charge them for one minute questions? You're getting research back for free. You must always keep the client's natal chart on file. You never surrender a chart to a client. You make them a copy if they need it, but few do. It has happened that clients of mine have turned up in the newspapers dead, so believe me, this is something you want to do, keep charts on file. Once, I had to go to the wake of a dead client. I was so ashamed, I chickened out. A mourner phoned me. "We brought his horoscope to the wake to give to you. Your first line was, "If you can stay in good health, this will be your biggest year yet." My writer friend's film was still in release when he died of hepatitus.

If you have the chart, at least you can see 'if your predictions come true,' and learn what liver disease looks like. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune will do it. You thusly gain faith in this amazing 'cosmic clock' as you practice astrology and learn to warn people how to prevent what's coming at them. No transfusions, give your own blood to the hospital before surgery. That kind of thing.

When stargazing becomes a metaphor for what we already know about a planet and we PROVE what we know, it is good. When Astrology gives us OTHER events, things we didn't know, it is very good. When astrology gives us dates so exact that we can make warnings, and clients heed them, it is best of all.

For instance, say that in the skies, Mars comes along and aspects that Neptune, and on that day, your client calls you weeping, she's heard that her professor, the man who is the SIGNIFICANT OTHER ---was seen drinking with another coed. They left the bar near the college together and her girlfriends observed this. Your client is decimated. You will know how to get her off this attachment. TO PRAY that it leaves her. You'll also tell her the astrological things, that Neptune rules deceit and another planet linking with it means THE DECEIT IS FOUND OUT. State to her that he may be deceiving her about his caring for her, even though he likes helping her as a student.

Transits activate things BEFORE OUR EYES. Watching transits is how we FIND OUT WHAT ASTROLOGY REALLY IS. I'll rely on textbooks as much as the next guy but what I like is for a transit to TELL ME what something is. Mars and Neptune in any link is always addictions, drinking, even romantic addictions.

And it's odd, but when I see the MOST POWERFUL man on planet having A SCANDAL or two or three, about romance and he was born with Venus, Mars and Neptune conjunct in Libra, the sign of romance, I say NEPTUNE is doing its work. And so was Monica Lewinsky. And as Clinton had these three LIBRA planets RISING, in the most visible 'first house' his romantic secrets wouldn't stay hidden long.

WHEN BANK FAILURES ESCALATE during an entire decade and a half, as dissolving, eroding NEPTUNE goes thru CAPRICORN, (sign of banks and the economy) and all the banks are pillaged by some invisible hand. I say, 'There is a mystery here.' (a Neptune keyword.) Ahhh, Neptune. Frustrating planet of enigma wrapped in lies, shrouded in 'never will be found out.' Your key Neptune phrase is, 'you'll never know the truth!'

So when you have a LINK between two people, with NEPTUNE sitting on it, you'll know what to say. I sure do! Tell her to 'cherchez le fraud'

But wait, that's only one or two chart links. You do this with all the LINKS. Each time you analyze a link, you analyze which house it rules. His SATURN rules CAPRICORN. He has CAPRICORN in the 4th house of FAMILY, PSYCHE, attitudes in the unconscious. His SATURN of blockage, has a lot to do with his family life. You try to get a bead on why his Saturn is a problem to him. At the same time, you look to see if maybe that Saturn is manifesting its high side, as responsibility. She may have told you that he lives with mother and that he clings to Mom. You incorporate what you know. And if you don't know the exact data, you hint at this RESPONSIBILITY factor, how he has his brakes on. Saturn keywords.

When client talks with you, either coming in or calling you on phone, or by email, she may fill you in further. You realize that NEPTUNE means ambivilance. It can also mean scandal. Or deceit, fraud, or addiction. These two are starting to involve themselves in an off kilter passion that's 'go-nowhere.'

As an astrologer, you learn you can't stop people when they're in the grip of passion, but if you see a reason for worry, you can inform them of metaphysical tricks to control the emotions. I've learned to say, 'keep asking your own Higher Self to downscale the passion to a friendship. This kind of prayer works. You can turn your own id (as Freud called it) or your unconscious around 180 degrees with prayer and other auto suggestion. Then, say "if and when you're not putty in his hands, your relationship with him will actually get stronger. He'll learn to fall into friendship with you. You're less likely to be deceived. Things will last longer." You say that because women have a tremendous fear of LOSING the guy if they become uninvolved emotionally, or unavailable for sex.

Women love to hear that 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' and will promptly be motivated to pray to their higher self and thus sometimes be able to turn a dangerous passion into something friendly, calm and get the best out of the chart links, instead of the worst. And more important, she will gain time so that they can study him well, over a long period of a friendship.

When you do your first analysis, be careful that you go through all the links, all the houses. His planet on her 2nd house ruler brings the interplay to the CASH department. As he's her teacher, he guides her to making money with this career that he's teaching her ---if it's a good planet. But it can cost her money if it's a bad one.

This may be a karmic relationship, fated. He's fated to help her into her true career. We often fall in love with people who have 'keys' for us, the gatekeepers, I call them. It does NOT mean we're supposed to marry them all. If Greta Garbo had married all her gatekeepers, she wouldn't have been the Vestal Virgin of the Cinema, consecrated to the Temple of FILM! She'd have been Mrs. S in Copenhagen, mother of nine.

As an astrologer, you will continually be amazed at how accurately these columns on an ephemeris page reflect the tumble of people, and concerns, wishes, passions, dreams and even more fantastically, the DATE AND TIMING OF EVENTS.

The columns in an ephemeris are keyed to some kind of living cosmic software. They are the computer clicks in some huge WINDOWS program out there, the calculate-able and legible tracks of some unknown and organized force. Who or What is behind them? Who wrote this program? I struggle to see the identity of this cosmic mainframe programmer, and remember the words of a Zen master who said, 'if there be tracks of an ox, is it not logical to suppose that there is an ox?'

Well the upshot is, somebody's up there. He's just there, and his Universe is very organized, very mathematical. And we are of that Universe, so after you learn to work your PC and your WINDOWS 98, learn a little ASTROLOGY!

A Bit about the Author:

Anita Sands (published by DELL HOROSCOPE magazine, two cover stories) , reads the horoscopes of Hollywood's most famed mystics, including the late Carlos Castaneda, Yogi Bhajan, the ex president of India, Dyal Singh, also many other gurus, teachers, New Age personalities and some filmstars, Sally Kirkland, Michael Learned, Joan Hackett, Cheryl Ladd, Laverne and Shirley, Nicolas Cage, Robert Stack and his wife, Mrs. Clark Gable, (the late) many directors and producers and a few rock stars: Courtney Love, Joni Mitchell. She has often been called the "FIRST LADY of Astrology", "Stargazer to the STARS" "Guru to the Gurus". Her writings are found at

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