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Significance of Numbers

Master Numbers 

  How to Calculate your Birth Numbers 

How to Calculate your Name Number

Alphabet Number Chart

Characteristics of Numbers

Have you ever wondered what you were destined to do in life? Why you react in a certain way to certain situations? About whether or not your partner and you were really meant to be together? Numerology can help you to figure out the answers to these questions.

The literal definition of numerology is "the science of numbers". Numerology has been used since ancient times. Thousands of years ago, people used numerology to predict the future. It wasn’t until later that it became used as a tool in discovering one’s self. The study of numerology can be used as a method of character analysis, to gain knowledge and insight, to avoid mishaps, and even to explain future outcomes of situations.

Some numerologists believe that your entire destiny and fate are determined by the numbers that are related to you. There are various ways to determine your own numbers, and with careful analysis of them as a whole, it can provide insight to determine the course of action you should take in life. Although numerology cannot always provide individuals with specific answers to their exact problems, the study of one’s numbers can tell how the situation or problem should be approached, and what measures should be taken to make certain that the most favourable outcome would be produced.

The following sections outline some of the aspects of different numbers and some of the characteristics involved with each of them. By going through this, you can decide how to look at your own future and better understand your own or another person’s character. Numerology can provide you with the solutions to your questions about love, money, career, and, most of all, it can provide you with solutions to your identity.

The Signifigance of Each Number


The number one is often considered in relation to religious worship and as the single source from which everything in the universe is created. People who are leaders and possess organizational abilities are characterized by the number one. The number one is often referenced as being an image of God as the Creator.  


Femininity is the main symbol of the number two. Traditionally regarded as female, (as most even numbers are), people who are characterized by the number two often have passive traits and are extremely loyal. Sometimes the number two is seen as being "evil" as it contrasts the divinity of the number one, and poses as an opponent to the number 1 as being an image of God as the Creator.


As the number three is created by adding both the number one and number two together, number three can be interpreted as a symbol of harmony and equality. It is valued as a holy number, as in the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Adoration and admiration are attributed to the number three as well. As each and every existence is divided into three major components, such as birth – life – death, time into past – present – future, etc…the number three stands for a basis of all existence.


Since ancient times, the number four has been associated with the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. The natural world in itself is composed of four, as there are four seasons in a year. Therefore, the number four is a representative of the natural world and that involved with earth and other earthly figures. In some cultures, the number four is affiliated with death, since as there are four seasons, with spring being the birth of new life, and winter being the death of life.


The halfway mark between the system of numbers, the number five is symbolized as being connected to human life. In several cases, the number five is spoken of relating to humans as humans have five senses. The number five represents many of the "human" characteristics available, as they are compared to that of the divine.


Once again, this even number is seen as female, and the characteristics of the number six are affiliated with that of a nurturing woman figure. On the sixth day God created man in his image, much like how a woman is indeed a creator of man. As women throughout history have been regarded as being fragile and cooperative, the number six deals with these very same characteristics.


Another mysterious, yet holy number, the number seven has been regarded by religious followers as being linked to that of magic and power. In the Bible, there are the seven days of creation, and the Sabbath, the day of rest, adds to the sense of relaxation and withdrawal connected with the number seven. An isolated number, seven represents both inner and outer peace.


The number eight, in itself represents double that of the number four. If four represents the natural world, the number eight in essence represents the unnatural world. It deals with such matter as both success and failure that one is faced with in life. The number eight represents new beginnings and the birth of new hope.


Being the last and the highest of all of the numbers, the number stands for achievement and success. As number nine is the highest of the numbers, and the next number leads back to zero, the number nine also represents the readiness to begin again. Because of this, other associations of the number nine include fear of new things and of being alone.


In numerology, every number is reduced to a single digit EXCEPT the master numbers of 11, 22, 33 and so on. These numbers indicate giftedness and leadership and are considered to have special significance. Number 11 people inspire and help others to achieve a higher purpose. They are inspirational leaders, truth seekers, visionaries, intuitive, wanting to uplift and inspire. Number 22 is a master builder and has the innate ability to see the whole picture in all its parts and the steps for implementing large-scale plans. Here is a true visionary, bringing spiritual into the material, and wanting to improve things. Number 33 is the master of healing energies – most significant being the energy of unconditional love, which is love raised to the highest level; is self-sacrificing and wanting to heal through love.Back to Top

How to Calculate your Birth Number

To figure out your own personal number, add up the numerals of your birthdate. For example, if you were born on July 22, 1973, you would calculate your birth number as follows:

7 (for the seventh month) + 2 + 2 (for the day) + 1 + 9 + 7 + 3 (for the year) for a total of 31. The total that number: 3 + 1 = 4. So, in this case, your birth number is four.

Remember, if your numbers add up to a master number, do not reduce it to a single digit.

Your birth number reflects several different aspects of your personality and your character. Numerologists believe that you were assigned this number at the time of your birth and the study of it will lead to insight to your true destiny.

If you would like to find your number for the current year (rather than your birth year) simply replace the year of your birth with the numerals of the current year and continue as before.

How to Calculate your Name Number

Your name number is also known as your destiny number and represents your purpose in life. The destiny number is the sum total of your complete name at birth, again reduced to a single digit. So find the number associated with the letter of the alphabet in the chart below and add the numbers together. Include your middle name(s). If the number totals 25, your final number would be 7.

Your secret ambitions are revealed by the vowels in your name. Your personality is found in your name’s consonants. Your power number is the sum of your birth number and your name number.Back to Top


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Characteristics of your Number


NUMBER ONE – Energetic and bold, number one people are often leaders and pioneers in their line of work. Armed with a secure and high self esteem, number one people are blessed with the ability to analyze situations with the logic and sensibility of the scientific mind, yet on the other hand are capable of approaching situations from the opposite side with an artist’s creative mind. Clever and ambitious, number one people are willing to take risks to get where they want to go and often end up in positions of great power and authority. The first number of the natural numbers, the number one insinuates originality and creativity. Although an independent individual, number one people also feel responsible for those close to them and enjoy the simple home life. Affectionate and willing to make sacrifices for love, a number one person is strong spirited and honest.


NUMBER TWO – Also original and creative, number two people are imaginative and possess brilliant personalities. Although somewhat reserved, they can be good company and know exactly when to do and say the right things. They often do not like the position of authority and leadership, but prefer more of a secondary role. They don’t mind being the "sidekick" in a sense. Witty and charming, they can worm their way into almost anyone’s heart. Flexible and willing to compromise, a number two person dislikes arguments and conflicts. They would much rather sacrifice their own happiness to a greater cause or in effort to cease hostility. Highly emotional people, they tend to withdraw from difficult and depressing situations and can often dwell on their past or mistakes. However, an encouraging companion or even a simple ‘hello’ can often cheer them up and out of their emotional funk. Overall, number two people are socially popular people who enjoy the admiration of others.


NUMBER THREE – Clever and ingenious, number three people are usually a few steps ahead of the rest of the pack. Reliable and responsible, number three people can usually be counted on to do favours and see both sides of the situation. Open and honest, they can sometimes be seen as too forward and upfront, but can always be counted on to speak their mind. They very rarely ever just go along with everyone, and will stand up for what is right. This can sometimes lead to stubbornness and speaking bluntly, but this is all unintentional, as no malicious thoughts ever really cross their mind. Extremely lucky people, they seem to always be able to look on the positive side of a situation, and are warm and loving. However, anger may arise when they believe that they are being taken advantage of. Number three people are usually very proud, and can often have a hard time asking for help.


NUMBER FOUR – Full of vitality and energy, number four people are hard working and determined individuals. They are willing to work and work hard for what they want. Practical and logical, they are the first to admit when they are wrong. Charitable and caring, they are always willing to work for others, and have an extraordinary sense for suffering individuals and know exactly what measures need to be taken in seemingly difficult situations. They can be successful in whatever career they choose but can overreact when others achieve status before they do. Although sometimes seen as slightly eccentric, number four people are actually very reliable and can be counted on in a time of crisis and need. They enjoy the company of others and upon entering a room, their smiles can be quite catching. True romantics at heart, when it comes to love, they expect very much of the same love and affection they give and share with their companions. Extremely family – oriented, they are always trying to please their loved ones.


NUMBER FIVE – Genuinely happy, number five people always find the bright side of a situation. They are in tune with the feelings and emotions of others around them and often know just what to say to lighten up another’s day. Always willing to try new things, they are extremely open to new people and new situations. Independent and practical, they do not believe in wasting time and hate procrastinating. Success comes easily to most number five people. In general, number five people are attractive to the opposite sex and faithful to their companions. However, trust in their partners’ faithfulness is sometimes harder to find, and jealousy can often be a factor in their relationships. Number five people are giving and generous people, and are destined to lead comfortable and happy lives. However willing to give their aid, though, they often have trouble accepting help when they need it.


6 NUMBER SIX – Trusting of others, and relied upon as being trustworthy to others, number six people are ideal confidantes. They are refined people that have a beautifully developed imagination. This makes number six people very talented in any of the arts. Number six people are generally successful in careers and make fine musicians, artists, writers and photographers. With honor and loyalty meaning a great deal, they are very rarely caught in a lie or some sort of scandal. Sensitive and armed with strong negotiating skills, they intuitively understand the needs and difficulties of others, though sometimes have trouble finding the root of their own problems. Number six people excel in arguments and can seemingly pull trivial facts out of thin air to defend their viewpoints. However, even in the heat of an argument, they are usually able to maintain self-control and will never resort to violence. Physically attractive, number six people can be quite arrogant and will easily forgive themselves. They prefer the company of their spouse, though they will make excellent parents. The few close friends they make they will stay in contact with for life. Fair and considerate, number six people enjoy comfortable surroundings and rely only on themselves.


NUMBER SEVEN – Creative and imaginative, number seven people are extremely open to the unexplained and the magical side of things. They are often open to different aspects of the occult and sometimes have extra sensory perception. They enjoy having "alone" time to withdraw from society and think. Number seven people possess the ability to link mysteries of the unknown and theoretical to the practical explanations of life. Often pessimistic, they can often be quite sarcastic in situations where they feel insecure or threatened. Money is not a priority for them, and neither are material items. Refined in the arts, they can also be expected to become scientists or inventors. Romantically speaking, they are sensitive and understanding, and detest arguments. They despise conflicts and are quick to agree to a compromise. Financial situations are rarely understood by number seven people, and are avoided at heavy costs. Sometimes it can be hard for number seven people to show affection with a loved one.


NUMBER EIGHT – Strong and practical, number eight people contain a great deal of energy. Often caught on cloud 9, they like to dream, and can have a tendency to dwell on the past. Very rarely do they share their emotions and feelings, and they can have trouble expressing their thoughts in situations. Power and money hungry, number eight people will stop at nothing to climb up the ladder of success. Since they are independent, sometimes their trip to power and authority is taken by what seems to be ruthless means. Failures and setbacks are easily overcome without the intervention from others. Professional careers appeal to them, and they often become great successes in whatever endeavor they choose. Untrusting in relationships, they constantly need to be reminded of their partner’s loyalty. The green – eyed monster is present in number eight people and they cannot stand the fact that they might be sharing their love with someone else. Comfort and luxury are on all of their lists, but they are willing to adapt to new situations. Sometimes number eight people can be quite moody, and can be seen by others as cold and distant, but inside they are actually gentle and sympathetic to the underdogs.


NUMBER NINE – Determined and active, number nine people excel in leadership skills. They have the ability to control most any situation, and can take charge whenever necessary, or unnecessary for that matter. Sometimes this "take charge" personality can be seen as over-bearing by others, and often-slight resentment can develop on account of it. Number nine people have a quick and clear understanding of both sides of a situation, though are often biased as to their own beliefs. Impulsive dreamers and romantics, they are prone to bursts of inspiration and instinctive answers to problems. Being true romantics at heart, they are extremely honest and will try to fulfill their partner’s wishes and desires in any way possible. Prone to a jealous streak, number nine people can become quite ill tempered when their trust in their partner is tested. Loyal in friendship, they make several friends and keep a deep bond with old friends from the past. Not extremely family-oriented, they love relatives, but dislike their intervention in personal problems. Many number nine people will be good artists, and can find success in any careers that involve painting, sculpting, writing and music.

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