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So, You Want To Become More Psychic

by Debra LeRoy B.Sc. DIHom. FBIH

I often get asked the questions, "Can I become more psychic?" and, "How can I become more psychic?" The answer to the first question is 'yes'. Everyone can become more psychic. The answer to the second question is that it may take some work.

Increasing psychic awareness means 'switching off' your left, logical, analytical brain, and 'switching on' your right, metaphysical, all-knowing brain. For some folks, this is easy, as they are naturally right-brained. You will know if you are right brained because you will tend to be able to understand the invisible and intrinsic. You may even see things that are invisible to others, such as spirit-beings, auras, visions, and the like.

Conversely, left-brained folks tend to be skeptics. As far as they are concerned, 'seeing is believing.' If it doesn't have a mathematical equation to substantiate it, a double-blind study to back it up, and at least a triple replication in a lab, it doesn't exist.

My theory is that the universe is becomming more chaotic. Time is not a physical constant, but is, in fact, speeding up. In other words, at the dawn of creation time moved more slowly than it does now, relatively speaking. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, "God does not play dice." While I agree that God (or the deity of your choice) does not gamble, I'm also sure that random events can and do occur. They are also beginning to happen more frequently. Sometimes the universe hiccoughs, and that opens the door for weird stuff to happen.

The bottom line is everything is created from light. Even before carbon-based lifeforms, there was light. Everything, from the tiniest sub-atomic particle, to the largest mass, vibrates at a specific resonance. Sometimes, we can see it, sometimes we can not.

For example, an airplane propeller is visible to everyone when it is spinning at a slow speed. However, once it reaches its maximum revolutions, it becomes 'invisible.' We may not be able to see it at this point, but it is still there. There are many things that resonate in such a way as to not be visible to the masses. But, like the airplane propeller, they are still there.

With this in mind, we will explore the metaphysical aspects of the often times unexplained. A good way to develop psychic abilities is through certain games. The goal of playing these games is to get better as you go along. Begin with a deck of playing cards, and try to divide them into red and black cards, without looking at them. If we were to compute the law of averages, we would come to the conclusion that you should get 26 cards correct. By practice, and 'feeling' the energy of the cards, you should be able to get approximately 40-50 cards sorted correctly, within a short time.

Once you become proficient at this, place the four aces from the deck face up in front of you. Go through the remaining cards, one card at a time, and place them face down on the corresponding aces. Be inventive and have fun. The more you practice, the better you'll get!

Other games can also be interesting...try to guess who is on the phone when it rings (no looking at the call display!) and see how often you are correct. Try to guess who is at the door. Try to guess how many emails will be in your inbox, and who they will be from. Keep a journal of how many times you are right or wrong. In time, your guesses won't be guesses at all. You will find that you become more intuitive the more you use it.

Another 'must' is meditation. Meditate at least once a day...even if it is only for 20 minutes. Don't worry if your mind wanders. Just gently bring your thoughts back to your meditation. It is through meditation that we get in touch with our higher self, or our inner teacher. Your higher self knows all the answers to whatever questions and/or concerns you have. However, the only way to reach this knowledge is through spending quiet time with yourself. If you don't like guided meditations, don't do them. Try staring into a candle flame, or a crackling fire. Give yourself permission to go wherever you need to.

Pay close attention to any impressions, images, thoughts, visions, or feelings your experience in your meditation. Keep a journal and you will soon find that much of what you think and feel during meditation is answers to questions that you have.

Sometimes, folks tell me that they meditate, but nothing happens. There are no earth-shattering revelations, and they don't get the winning lottery combinations. Be persistent at meditating. Don't give up. It will eventually work for you. Bear in mind that we are only privy to information that we are suppose to receive. Everything we are shown, or told, or feel, is for a purpose. We should only use divination for NEED, not GREED.

Another important part of developing psychic ability is listening to your intuition. Pay attention to what your gut tells you. I can't count how many times I have heard, "I had a feeling that was going to happen" or "I was just about to say that" or "I knew I shouldn't have done that, something told me it was the wrong decision". These are all examples of intuition. Listen to that 'inner voice', as it is seldom wrong. The old adage holds true...if you can't trust yourself, who can you trust?

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