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Fulfilling Life’s Fortune with Feng Shui

by Jodi Brunner Feng Shui Practitioner

  In Chinese philosophy, in order to achieve a happy life and fulfil life’s fortune, certain factors should be considered.  

Life’s fortune and the pursuit of happiness are based on Intention, Destiny, Luck, Feng Shui and Selfless Works. 

I call these the Principles of Fulfilling Life's Fortune.

  Our Intention is the most powerful tool we possess. It is Intention that produces pictures of the way life can be. Every day in every situation Intention is used to construct pictures in the mind.

To fulfil a task such as picking up a cup, for instance, the act must first be visualised in the mind’s eye. 

When a clear picture is constructed and held in the mind, this creates Intention. Intention towards a desired outcome will then begin to physically manifest.

  Intention can be termed ‘thought tendencies’ because thought tendencies contribute greatly to the outcome of any situation. 

To imagine that the future will be better than today will manifest as a lack in the present, because the Intention is to be poor today and rich tomorrow!

The old phrase ‘If only…..’ indicates dissatisfaction with present situations. Through intention we produce for ourselves the kind of world in which we wish to live. 

We must always be aware of the words we utter about our lives, and remain optimistic about our situations.

  When positive Intention and effort are utilised, one’s constitution will improve. Often dis-ease can give many clues to one’s mental attitude. 

For instance, problems in the eye area of the body may indicate an emotional blockage. The eye, “represents the capacity to see clearly - past, present and future.” Therefore create, “a new thought pattern - I see with love and joy.” [1]  

Positive Intention will always achieve fruitful results and positive thought tendencies will guarantee physical and emotional fortune.

  Destiny can be foretold in a person's astrological horoscope. That is, at the time of birth there are particular astrological influences, such as the position of the planets, the season, the directional influences and location.

These ‘birth memories’ are retained as a karmic influence throughout life. 

An individual’s Natal Chart is used as a guide to the energies that existed at the time of birth. These energies can give a clue to the karmic lesson that is planned for the individual.  

By looking at the astrological horoscope, certain factors will give clues as to the nature of the lesson or lessons to be learnt.

  Destiny defines the direction of momentum of life's course including tendencies, weaknesses, capacity for wealth and strengths. These attributes, once defined can be enhanced and attuned to improve fortune.

Out of two people with equal capacity, one who has a Destiny involving the accumulation of riches will achieve this easier than another who is destined for other things.

There is also another aspect to Destiny. That is, the recurring patterns that happen to us in this life. Whether it be a succession of bad relationships, or continuous problems in certain areas of our lives, it is behoven on us to analyse these patterns and to break that destructive cycle.

  A person can improve their possibilities by utilising the Principles of Fulfilling Life’s Fortune, then they may become equally or more successful than the person with excellent Destiny. 

The way we see ourselves and how we want to live is displayed in the environment we create around us. The environment in which we live is thus an extension of ourselves; our personalities.

  In the first instance, our environment forms the basis of other people’s opinions of us. 

Good Feng Shui is the result of harmonising the energies in the living and working environment with our own energies.

When the surrounding energy is uplifting, then life will be positively enhanced.

  Feng Shui is about being in the right place at the right time. However Feng Shui is a tool, not a cure in itself; a tool to use for the enhancement and appreciation of life.

  Feng Shui shows a way of activating the ‘activity centres’ of life in order to achieve a happy fortune in these areas. 

Lastly, donating some time to Selfless Works brings with it some obvious rewards. To do a good deed encourages the development of qualities such as generosity and benevolence and manifests as a deeper compassion for oneself and others.

Confucius said the “Perfect Man” was foremost a benevolent man (or woman).  

Not only does a feeling of love and friendship result from being kind and charitable, important benefits include skill development and training or education.

  Selfless Works promote good vibrations which will permeate into people's lives. Then, like a 'domino effect', will return to us tenfold.  

As a result of acknowledging the other four factors: Intention, Destiny, Feng Shui, and Selfless Works, Luck will be generated.  

Luck may come from Intention to apply effort towards goals, because of Destiny and environment enhancement, or from a favour because of generosity.  

Some people may argue that luck is not something that can be manipulated. I disagree with this opinion, as considering the other principles above, I believe we have the capacity to generate or suppress our own luck at will.  

Chinese philosophy speaks of three types of luck:

Heaven Luck – That which is somewhat out of our control, but can be enhanced, our Destiny;Earth Luck – The luck generated by good Feng Shui;Man Luck – The luck we generate ourselves through our own good Intention and Selfless Works. 

The purpose of a Feng Shui consultation is to encourage the enhancement of life's path, leaving it clear and swept clean, ready to accept all of life’s challenges. 

Every site has its own set of forces that exert an influence upon us, some forces support us, others don’t. 

Now that we are bombarded by a plethora of artificial, earthly and environmental energies, we are beginning to utilise the knowledge passed down and that which is discovered by modern science and technology, to combat unhealthy energy and re-harmonise our highly charged and over-stimulated Planet Earth.

As we are entering a new enlightened era in our development, we can look to the past for knowledge, to the future for innovation and we can begin right now!  

I believe that when the Trinity of, Heaven, Earth and All Beings are in harmony then 'peace will guide the planet and love will fill the stars'.

  Jodi Brunner is a qualified Feng Shui practitioner under the tutelage of Master Joseph Yu. Jodi runs courses, seminars, workshops and Feng Shui Tours of Melbourne’s Chinatown. As well as being a very busy Feng Shui Practitioner, Jodi is also the founder of the FENG SHUI network, an international network of Feng Shui practitioners and all those interested in Feng Shui and environmental issues. The FENG SHUI network has over 30 Representatives worldwide and runs regular conferences, including the upcoming FENG SHUI network Annual Conference 2004 in Hong Kong. 

copyright 1997 – 2002 Jodi Brunner Feng Shui Practitioner, FENG SHUI network

PO Box 36 Armadale North Victoria 3143 Australia

Ph+613 9662 1011 Fx+631 9662 1411

[1] Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay (Specialist Publications, 1989)

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