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Free Will or Fate?

by Gennie Tikana

Ever ask yourself a question? If your life has already been made? Is there such a thing as free will? I have realized that life has been written for you. Right from the beginning of pregnancy, a soul is given to that child, regardless if a mother decided to keep a baby or not. I am not against abortions, don't get me wrong. When you are brought into this life, you have a unique DNA and RNA configuration in your genetic pool. It is as the same as you having a unique astrological chart that is made for you. You have your own thought process. Yes, you do make decisions that affect your life, but are they really your decisions or is it the fate guided you to make that step?

For instance, you have 3 choices.... Let's say you picked the second choice and that choice was wrong. Do you blame yourself or do you ask yourself, What if I thought differently? Was that fate or your decisions? It was fate; you chose that choice. Reversing time is almost impossible. I have tried changing my fate and have seen one person trying to change it desperately. You can fight the fate, but you will not win. Just to give you an example, I knew one person's uncle who was told that he will die from airplane related accident. He moved away from local airports and moved to remote location. Five years later, an airplane crashed right above his house killing him instantly. He did try to do everything he could to stop his death. You may argue what if he was not told. It would have happened sooner or later. Here is another example; this is from recent news. One mother of one of the 118 sailors that were murdered thanks to Russian government told a story to local news. She said that she moved up north so her son will not have to go to Chechnya war. Russian Navy was considered to be relatively safe. So she sent her boy to the sub that sank. Was that a fate or a free will? Can you really run away from your future? No, you can't. You can be ready for upcoming problems; However, the outcome cannot be changed. I fought fate and tried to change things. So far, I have had no luck. Besides, your fate is your path; your life lessons, and your destiny. You can run but you can't hide. Fate is Loki. Fate is Thorn. Fate is the beginning and the end of your life. Anything and everything you do and you don't do gets to be written the moment as you are 'planted'.

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