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Auras: How to See Them

By Debra LeRoy B.Sc. DIHom. FBIH

Every living creature has an aura. We have all been influenced by the etheric field of another, even if we can't see it. That's why we say things like, "Joe Blow rubs me the wrong way". In reality, Joe may be a perfectly good person, but your energy and his just don't 'jive'. The etheric field, or aura, is the invisible (to many people) field of energy that surrounds everything that is alive. In my reality, what it is, is the intrinsic qualities of the individual. No two etheric fields are alike. Sometimes, there are tears and/or holes in the aura, usually due to some type of trauma.

Scientifically speaking, anything that has an atomic structure, will have an etheric field, or aura. The knowledge and acceptance of the aura is not "new age." Many of the great thinkers have talked about it. Perhaps my favourite description is Paracelsus' take on it. Paracelsus explained, "The vital force is not enclosed in man, but radiates around him like a luminous sphere...In the semi-natural rays the imaginations of man may produce healthy or morbid effects. If the spirit suffers, the body suffers also."

Children are probably the best at actually seeing auras, due to the fact that they spend their time in a natural alpha state. Take a look the next chance you get at a picture that a child has coloured. Ever wonder why some people are coloured red, or green, blue, or purple? Most likely it is because that is the predominant colour that person appears to be. Have you ever asked a child why the dog is coloured pink?

The truth is, anyone can teach themselves to see auras. It is really more of a physical talent than a metaphysical one. However, when we try to interpret an aura, we again cross the line to the metaphysical realm. Auras may be viewed in either an objective or subjective (intuitive) manner.

Still, there will be people who doubt their ability to see auras. Some folks think it is best to view auras in the dark. However, I have a problem with that theory because the photon radiation that is given off by the physical body is absorbed by darkness. I prefer to use a dimly lit room. A plain white wall is the best to have the individual stand in front of. Stand eight to ten feet away from them. Concentrate your focus on the forehead of the individual. Hold this concentrated focus for 15-30 seconds. Then, gradually soft-focus on the area around their head and shoulders. Concentrate, and continue to soft-focus. The aura will begin to stand out, sooner or later.

As you develop your ability to see auras, the clarity and vibrancy of the colours will become easier to see with your naked eye. Be persistent. Practice looking at the aura of trees, your pets, or your own hand.

You can also measure the etheric field with either a pendulum, or dowsing rods. Pendulums and dowsing rods are most often used in the science of radiesthesia. Radiesthesia is a method of divining or dowsing to determine an energy radiation. As well, there are numerous electronic devices that can be utilized, but these devices are not a viable financial alternative for most people.

The Colours of the Aura, and What They Signify

The following is a very brief comparison of the colours commonly observed in the aura. Interpreting the colours requires experience, as much is dependant upon the shade, whether they are deep, pastel, or murky, etc.

Red: Strong energy, fire and primal creativity. Red may indicate strong passion, mind, and will.

Orange: Creativity, warmth, and emotion. Also, courage, and joy.

Yellow: Mental activity, wisdom, intellect. Psychic ideas may be being awakened. Deep yellow may indicate an individual who is over analyzing, and overly-critical.

Green: Sensitivity and compassion, also growth. Bright green indicates a healing ability.

Blue: The colour of calm and quietness. Blue may indicate the ability for clairaudience, and for development of telepathy.

Violet and Purple: Violet is warmth and transmutation. Purple is practical and worldly.

Pink: Compassion, love, purity, innocence.

Gold: Dynamic spiritual energy.

White: While white is often seen in the aura, mingling with other colours, if it stands out on its own, it indicates truth and purity.

Gray: A colour of initiation, awakening innate abilities.

Brown: As an earth colour, brown most often reflects new growth.

Black: While traditionally thought to be a forebearer of sickness, it is most often a colour of protection. Black has the ability to shield the individual from outside energies. 

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