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The Air Signs

by Naomi Bennett

The ancients used the term Air to graphically represent the concept of creative mentality, intellect, abstract ideas and higher human thought. The element Air is the only one consistently presented by a human figure to imply intellect. Air signs always oppose Fire signs to match thoughts and ideas to direct and guide our vital energy of creativity into the future.


Aquarius is represented by a Man pouring water out of a jar, the water bearer. This is the idea of human, intelligence being able to separate creation's elements with knowledge. This sign is the abstract intelligence needed to direct the self into the future. It is the world of new ideas, inventions and insight. This sign is unlimited in its ability create change, chaos and revolution. Aquarians can promote life changing, cultural shattering new concepts that alter our view of the world. They tear down the fences of out minds and take a fresh look. They are general ahead of their time and do not get social recognition until later in life. They start new trends and can't be held back by tradition. They can be extremists in their viewpoints but they see farther than the rest of us. Aquarians can be rebels in their youth because personal freedom is all important to them. Aquarius is an Air sign and its ruling planet is Uranus. It's associated with the calves and ankles.


Libra is usually represented by a woman with a pair of scales in her hand. The scales represent the intellectual idea of balance and design. Libra is the psychological force of intellectual application of balance and design in attracting new heredity into the family. It has long been associated with love, beauty and the attraction between the two people. It's the part of us that is drawn to proportion, balanced features and even temperament. Libra rules mathematics, music, art and any profession that needs to strike a balance of proportion to obtain a harmonious effect such as architecture or interior design. This included the Libran host that tries to balance personalities at a social function. Social harmony, getting along and balancing power between others are all important with Librans. When unhappy, they can tend to gain weight. Many times they underestimate or discount their talents. They need strong supporters around them to encourage, motivate and believe in themselves. Libra is an Air sign and ruled by Venus. It is associated with the kidneys and skin.


Gemini is represented by a pair of twins because the ancients noticed increased multiple births during this time of year. The sign is associated with intellectual ideas directed at social change. Geminis have a sense of humor when making their point with others and having it ready accepted. They are quick witted and enjoy juggling many interests at once. Keeping tract of it all is easy for them. They can seem chaotic but Life is too interesting to stick with one thing. They do best in fast paced careers that can keep their interest like journalism, television, radio or comedy. They can be restless and it's hard for them to sit still or settle down. Routine can rub them the wrong way. It can be hard for them to make up their minds because they can see many points of view and each has its value. They like people because they find them interesting but their interest goes to new friends for variety. They have original ideas and can do much to change the direction of their society or culture. They are faithful to their principles rather than individuals. Gemini is an Air sign and ruled by the planet Mercury. It is associated with the lungs, shoulders, arms, fingers and nervous system. The four elements of Water, Earth, Fire and Air are carefully arranged around the zodiac to represent the sacred geometry of balance and design in the universe. They are the macrocosm and microcosm of the external world and ourselves. Astrology follows the adage of "As above, so below." It's a very old concept in all the world's great religions. Modern science is only beginning to verify these concepts that marry the mind of reason to the heart of instinctual knowing. Individuals are more than their Sun signs. They are a unique mixture of these twelve elements combined into unique patterns that are rarely duplicated except for twins born less than four minutes apart. Just like snowflakes, no two are alike.

Copyright January 1998 Naomi Bennett - all rights reserved

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