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Rising signs are so important! In fact, you do better reading for them than for your sunsign. The rising is the zodiacal sign rising on the Eastern horizon at the moment of birth. It changes every few hours all day so you need a stargazer and exact birth hour to calculate them. If you don't have a true birth hour, write the HALL OF RECORDS, city of birth, tell them 'mother's name, dad's name, DOB' and send 7$ (check comes back uncashed if they can't give you this info) and a SASE. Ask only for the hour, say you don't need birth certif, you have one, just the HOUR minute and if am or pm., please.'

They DO have it. This info is not on the certificate, but it's in the registrar's BOOK along with doctor's name, mother's religion, TYPE of birth, how many inches long you were... stuff like that. They have these HUGE, antique books at the Hall of Records where parents filled in this info while it was still fresh in their memories.

I feel that risings are so pervasively important that you can GUESS what yours is just analyzing how you are, look, act. But you have to inspect them all to decide which fits you to a T. So while you're waiting for your home town to answer, play this game.

So, understanding the rules of the game, let's play "YOU KNOW IT'S YOUR RISING SIGN IF---"

ARIES RISING- You move fast, love sports, wear hats well and flash a ready smile. You're competitive and a loner, always keep score, because you need to be #1. You love the color red, PLAN: a fast sports car and to leave home early. COLLECT: trophies. IN LOVE: you need the guy to be prettier than you are. PLAN: To have your own biz. BOYFRIENDS are Leos. HUSBANDS: will be Librans. Secret turn-on: DIMPLES on fellows. HERO: Tom Cruise.

TAURUS RISING- You put on weight easily, have a green thumb, plan to own a farm, are a gardener, collect everything, shells and geologicals, bulls or cows, all shades of dark rich green, were born to shop hence could deal with marrying for money. BOYFRIENDS: Virgos. HUSBANDS: sexy Scorps. SECRET TURN-ON: rich food, sparkly gems especially emeralds. HERO: Bill Gates.

GEMINI RISING- You're mental, always reading or talking, can't wait to have a car, love yellow, want bump removed from nose, enjoy libraries, museums. Need a generous, educated, world traveling mate. Boyfriends are Librans, husbands will be Sagittarians. Secret turn-on: your ring collection.

CANCER RISING- Moon-faced, prone to bloat, Moods and activities change every few hours. You like older, conservative and powerful leader type men. You collect antiques, family heirlooms, moons and mermaid jewelry. BOYFRIENDS Scorpios. HUSBANDS: Capricorns. SECRET TURN-ON: ditching school & coccooning with quilt, clicker and the soaps.

LEO RISING- Easily meets new people, endlessly creative, art projects come naturally. Your moods change every 2 days so you leave projects behind, forgotten. Big mane of hair, proud, regal demeanor. You get irritated but rarely depressed. You're upbeat, adventurous, take risks. Boyfriends are Sags, husbands will be maverick, brilliant Aquarians. You collect glitter, crystal, stars, suns, cats, lions. SECRET TURN ON: having a positive effect on another's life and solar resorts.

VIRGO RISING- You worry, swim in beige, are hyper-neat, collect vitamins, pets, clothes. Digestion tricky. You collect sale sweaters. Boyfriends are super straight Capricorns, then you get bored and marry a space-case sloppy Pisces. SECRET TURN-ONS: cleaning and organizing your room/closet/drawers/notebook then your friends'. FAVE PHRASE: Where there=s order there=s money.

LIBRA RISING- You wear pastels, are really pretty and always cooperative. You have already been deeply in love. You plan a church wedding and hope chest. You stand up straight, posture is A+. FOUND: with your sweetie. BOYFRIENDS: wild AQUARIUS. HUSBAND likely to be a muscley ARIES. COLLECTS: rainbows, unicorns, psychology books. SECRET TURN-ON: seeing beautiful homes, imagining you're married and live there. FAVE PHRASE: "You can catch just more flies with honey than vinegar."

SCORPIO RISING- You dress counter-culture, love second hand clothes, in weird colors. Your parents are always saying 'you're not wearing THAT thing are you?" You have an unusual, piercing gaze, are totally obsessed for a hunky actor. FOUND: curled up in den, eating sensuous food. DEMANDS: personal freedom. BELIEVES: the masses should fight the Planetary Overlords to the death. BOYFRIEND: PISCES. HUSBAND WILL BE A TAURUS TYPE. PLANS: to have a career somewhere between Wonder Woman, Joan of Arc and Mother Teresa. SECRET TURN ON: Seeing malfactors suffer. FAVE PHRASE: "I did it MY way."

SAGITTARIUS RISING- You have a fiery, alert, upbeat, happy look, ready to give to the group. You have already taught either Sunday school or younger kids. You plan to travel the world. BELIEVES: You get what you dish out. PEOPLE THINK: You have no problelms. FOUND: giving advice. COLLECTS: books you to pass on to your kids. FAVE PHRASE: "Let God handle it." HEROES: Jesus, Buddha. SECRET TURN-ON: exotic food from a new country.

CAPRICORN RISING-Secretive, has hard time curbing tongue. You know you'll never curb your mind. You're critical of others. You believe in battle, need to be in total control. FOUND: hard at work. PEOPLE THINK: you're a problem, that you suffer because you think you're not pretty enough. PLAN: get a career, be butt deep in money one day. FAVE PHRASE: "Living well is the best revenge." BOYFRIEND: TAURUS. HUSBAND: Cancer. HEROES: Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra. SECRET TURN-ON: Scaring little kids at Halloween.

AQUARIUS RISING- Large, intelligent eyes, witty mind, voice w. many comedic inflections, electric hair and frazzled brains. True Democrat, no prejudice (except against racists, dopes). FOUND: alertly studying people. Has innate ability to read character from behavior. FOUND: continually making notes for a novel, idea city, ole boiling brains. BELIEVES: people CAN make a difference. SHOULD BE: a politician. WILL BE: a maverick, inventor, writer. TALENTS: Reform, re-doing what was done before. BOYFRIEND: Gemini. HUSBAND: Leo FAVE PHRASE: "Ask not what your country can do for you...." HEROES: JFK, RFK, MLK, Gandhi, Jefferson, Amadeus, Princess Diana. SECRET TURN-ON: giving a speech that turns people around.

PISCES RISING- Large, wise eyes, long flowing hair. Different from everyone in every way. Smooth skin but YOU know you have a beauty flaw and think it's a big one! Born pre-84, plans career in literature. Born post 84, plans to own a Big Business. PEOPLE THINK: You don't know anything when you really DO and just aren't saying. PLANS as rarely as possible. COLLECTS: mermaid jewelry, seashells, tropical fish. FOUND: day-dreaming, in past or future, rarely in the now. BELIEVES: That nothing is certain but uncertainty. FAVE PHRASE: Let it be. HERO: Mozart, Bach SECRET TURN-ON: gathering clues from scant evidence and ending up being right. BF: CANCER. HUBBY: SCORPIO.

A Bit about the Author

Anita Sands (published by DELL HOROSCOPE magazine, two cover stories) , reads the horoscopes of Hollywood's most famed mystics, including the late Carlos Castaneda, Yogi Bhajan, the ex president of India, Dyal Singh, also many other gurus, teachers, New Age personalities and some filmstars, Sally Kirkland, Michael Learned, Joan Hackett, Cheryl Ladd, Laverne and Shirley, Nicolas Cage, Robert Stack and his wife, Mrs. Clark Gable, (the late) many directors and producers and a few rock stars: Courtney Love, Joni Mitchell. She has often been called the "FIRST LADY of Astrology", "Stargazer to the STARS" "Guru to the Gurus". Her writings are found

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