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The Fire Signs

by Naomi Bennett

The fire signs represent our vital energy to create and push us into the future. Fire is the energy of life to grow and expand. It's the life force that we use to create our future with desire and the will to create. The six signs of Fire and Air are future oriented. The ancients called them masculine to represent this force into a new direction. Note that Fire signs are always opposed by Air signs. These are qualities of duality that speak of the unity that bind Fire to Air and yet express this quality in opposite expressions. It's like the continuum of Light to Dark. They are polar opposites at the extreme but with shades of light or dark in between. Much like the Yin and Yang symbol yet each has a touch of the other in them. Duality is eternally bound by its opposition.


Leo is represented by a lion, an animal considered to be regal, at the top of the food chain and above the fray. This sign is the extrovert of the zodiac. Leos can be magnanimous to others and have a magnificent personality that wants leadership. They naturally attract others to themselves and love to be the center of attention. They know how to lead and have showmanship abilities. They are born orators, actors or any career that can put them in the spotlight. It's their nature to have the energy and vitality to push their self interests into the future. They have a vision they wish to fulfill and want a group to come along. On the underdeveloped side, they can show arrogance or be the class clown that wants the limelight pulled to themselves. There is a quiet Leo that works behind the scenes to promote a spouse or child to be the front person for their ideas but this is uncommon. Leo is a Fire sign, and ruled by the Sun. It's associated with the back and heart which the ancients considered to be a life source center or chakra.


Aries is represented by the ram, an animal considered to be headstrong, independent and resourceful. The nature of this sign is to push the family heredity into the future. The Aries personality is full of vital energy that gives natural executive ability. They want to be Chairman of the Board or CEO. They prefer to be on the top and give, not take orders. Aries are empire builders, pioneers in their field, and love to win. They are attracted to sports, horse racing and all forms of risk taking, especially gambling. They believe they have the power of the Creator within themselves. They tend to leave their parents early in life to strike out on their own. They are more likely to marry outside of their culture and race because unconsciously they are bring in new heredity into the family through their children. The sign is associated with children offspring, brainchildren and companies founded by an individual. Will power, personal discipline and drive come easily to Aries. On the other side, excessiveness of the element can lead to domination of others. Other's ideas are discounted and only Aries' viewpoint wins. They can be overly controlling with family members and force their believes on their children, spouse and employees. Aries is a Fire sign and is ruled by Pluto. It is associated with the head and face.


Sagittarius represented by a man on horseback with a bow and arrow in his hands or a centaur with a bow and arrow drawn to strike. The major theme in most zodiacs is the bow and arrow. It means going to the heart of the matter, hitting the mark or having good aim. This sign is about social reform. The driving energetic force of Sagittarius is to change society into a new direction or form. Sagittarians are attracted to social reform and activism. They believe there's a better way to live together and they have the energy and drive to make those changes. They are likely to be teachers, philosophers, preachers or politicians--professions given to change and influence society. They are natural optimists and are enthusiastic about life. They can be impulsive when they speak the truth boldly and bluntly which can be socially awkward. The foot can go into the mouth before they think about the consequences of their words. Hoof and mouth disease can be a problem. Sagittarius is a Fire sign and ruled by Jupiter. It's associated with the hips, thighs, buttocks and liver.

copyright January 1998 Naomi Bennett - all rights reserved

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