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One can tell a lot about a person from the shape and lines in a hand. A personís personality is revealed in great detail! Most character is genetic, and these inherited traits are reflected in finger prints and the many patterns that are found in the palm.

THE LIFE LINE The Life Line is one of the four major lines found in the hand. It indicates the path of your life, the course that your life will take, emotions, illness, time or age frames, and personality. If your life line is joined with the HEAD LINE, examine the length of the two lines that meet to determine the amount of time that you have been emotionally dependent upon your parents. If the lines joined are relatively short, then independence was taken on at an early age, and if the lines join for a long section, you may be still very much attached emotionally. If the two lines never are in contact at the beginning, this indicates a very independent person.

The life line begins on the side of the palm that is under the index finger. It usually has the same starting point as the head line. It makes a somewhat circular curve around the thumb. The life line is the only line one on the hand which can be divided into an approximate timeframe of years and age. Age can be determined by dividing the lifeline equally into three sections beginning at the top of the line. (where it starts with the head line). The first section (including the section which connects or doesnít connect with the Head line) represents the first 25 years of the lifetime. The second section represents approximately ages 26-50, and the third section represents ages 50 and up.

A deep, clear life line running smoothly through the full length shows a rich, healthy life. Many chains, or a weak line shows probable poor health. If the line is fractured at the end in many chains in the third section, you should be warned of bad health in late years. (A parallel to the Life line, on the side of the Mount of Venus, shows useful luck and natural vitality working for the subject. This is always a good sign. ) On most palms you will notice that there are many tiny lines which run from the line of the Head to the Life line. Each of these indicates a goal of some kind that will be attained. If you work out the above time-scale carefully, you should be able to tell, with reasonable accuracy, when a major event will happen. About two-thirds of the way down the Life line will, at times, be a triangle formed by two short, minor lines and a part of the Life line itself. If there is a triangle there, then it is said that a talent of some sort is possessed. There is some kind of an art form which the subject can gain considerable personal satisfaction. An angle or sudden change of direction in the Life line shows that there will be a change of course in the life. The approximate date can be calculated by using the same method stated above. A branch in the life line indicates that, at the point in time where the branch occurs, the personsí life can take one of two major courses. Age calculations from above can be used at this time as well. A break in the Life line usually means that there will be problems. Check and see if the lines break in both hands. If it does break in both hands, warn the subject to take care in their lifestyle. If a new line starts out of the break, or if there is a parallel line to the Life line, then the trouble will be overcome.

THE HEAD LINE (career, mind) The line of the Head shows, by its length and depth, the intellectual capability of the subject. A long, deep and clear Head line shows a clear, strong intellect. If the Head line is very long but slants downwards rather than across, this shows someone with a high intelligence but tends to use it for the wrong goals. These people should not be crossed. If you know a genius, check and see whether their head and heart lines are joined together! This is extremely rare! This person should maintain a tight control and discipline on their mind.

THE HEART LINE The Heart line resembles love, and emotions. Look at the length and depth of the line to determine the strength of your emotional and intuitive capabilities. A long and deep Heart line belongs to someone who is capable of feeling both the good and the bad, the happy and the sad of life. Emotions are very important to this person, and hunches are generally very accurate. A heart line with many chains belongs to someone who has been unlucky in love. Each chain resembles an obstacle in love given to the person.

THE FATE LINE The Fate line, or Luck line is not found in everyoneís hand. The length and depth will show how much good fortune and luck the person has. If the line is deep, long, and strong, that person will find that they are extremely lucky. For a person with a weak, or even non-existent line, their luck will only come through hard work and dedication. The Fate line can show insights into personality flaws which are not usually apparent on the surface. I.E., the fate line may be deep and unbroken up to the heart line then break or disappear entirely. Someone with these lines would let emotions get in the way of good fortune that would come their way. Worry, a temper, or fear may be limiting this person. If the Fate line ends at the Head line, the person becomes their own worst problem by getting in their own way. They do this by sometimes being over-cautious and thinking things over too much. When their mind is made up, the opportunity is lost. Someone whose Fate line starts at the wrists, then wealth will be inherited, or they will experience a rewarding career.

THE MARRIAGE LINE(S) The Marriage lines are found above the beginning of the Heart line. People usually have more than one line, as they not only mark marriages, but lines of love. Each individual line will show, by its depth and length, just how deeply someone left their mark Timing can be experienced by determining if the marriage line is closer to the heart line (early in life) or near the joint of the finger (later in life).

THE WRISTLETS The Wristlets can give a general idea of how long the personís life will last. Each complete, well-formed Wristlet represents 20 years.

THE MOUNT OF VENUS The thumb and the base of the thumb comprise the Mount of Venus. The Mount of Venus shows warmth, kindness and affection which are in the persons attributes. If the Mount is full, firm, and round, this person proves to be a great friend, great lover, and full of kindness. If the Mount of Venus is thin, dry and leathery, this is a person who is cold and shallow. This person tolerates very little. Often the Mount of Venus is patterned by many vertical and horizontal lines. This person hides feelings very well. On the surface everything seems fine, but underneath, there are many emotions that run deep.


Each finger is associated with a planet. At the base of each finger is the mount associated with the sign of the finger. (e.g. index finger = Mount of Jupiter). The fullness of the mount shows how strongly that particular astrological sign affects the person. Look to see where strengths lie by looking at the length of each of the 3 divisions of each finger. These divisions represent SPIRITUAL, INTELLECTUAL, and MATERIAL development. (Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury.)

THE INDEX FINGER- JUPITER A long index finger shows a boss, commander, a leader, someone who has pride, confidence, and much ambition. The index finger shows the degree of self-confidence, so from its size and shape can be judged things like leadership, ability or shyness, bossiness or timidity.

THE MIDDLE FINGER- SATURN A long middle finger indicates wisdom, independence, solitude, experience, shyness, and melancholy. The middle finger reveals the serious side of a personality. How it is developed reveals reliability, talent, responsibility or frivolity (depending upon the size).

THE THIRD FINGER- APOLLO A long third finger shows the love of beauty. The ring finger is a symbol of creativity and artistic qualities. A strong development goes with a talent for art, music, visual art, etc.

THE PINKIE FINGER- MERCURY A long pinkie finger shows a sharp, quick, clever, shrewd mind. A person with this, is found to be friendly, good with people skills, and outgoing. The little finger represents sex and communication. All sorts of sexual and romantic qualities are shown here, as well as the ability to speak, write or express oneself. Thumbs show willpower. Powerful, domineering people have big thumbs. Soft spoken people generally have little thumbs. The actual shape of the fingertips is important. Squared off tips show a precise, tidy mind. People with round-tipped fingers are relaxed. The proportions between the finger lengths and the lengths of the palm are indicative of the amount of impulse that is demonstrated. Longer fingers (as compared to the length of the palm) show carefulness. Short fingers belong to someone who is impulsive.


SQUARE PALM, SHORT FINGERS: Square palm and short fingers shows a steady, simple person.

LONG PALM AND FINGERS: Long palm and long fingered people are sensitive and thoughtful.

LONG PALM, SHORT FINGERS: Long palm and short fingers is found on busy, energetic people.

SQUARE PALM, LONG FINGERS: Square palm and long fingers is found on lively, talkative, inquisitive people.

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