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Some Background to Chinese Astrology
The Western Zodiac
Chinese Astrology Sign Charts
Chinese Sign Profiles
Profiles Under Combined Signs

Chinese and Western zodiacs can be combined to give interesting profiles. To start, it is necessary to know the year, month and day of birth.

Some Background to Chinese Astrology

One of China’s most ancient philosophies, astrology was used to predict what was going to happen to a nation. Only by Christian times had astrology begun to give readings and prediction for individuals.

The twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac are thought to have originated in the time of the Yellow Emperor in 2637 BC. There are at least five different aspects to a Chinese astrological chart. Animal signs are the most basic and are based upon a person’s year of birth, rather than the position of the stars as in Western astrology. Each animal is given its own year. The animals always appear in the same order: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. These repeat over the next 12 years.

As opposed to four elements in Western astrology (air, earth fire and water), Chinese astrology features five elements (fire, wood, water, metal and earth) each of which can be positive or negative. Whether positive or negative depends on whether the animal sign is Yin or Yang. Each animal sign is also considered to have its own natural element regardless of the year of birth. Lastly, the Chinese have a concept of a companion in life, referring not to another person, but to an inner person within an individual. The inner companion acts as a guide, or a devil's advocate. The companion in life is determined by the hour of birth. Every two-hour slot of the day is governed by one of the 12 animal signs. Western astrology also refers to "quality" in the sign (cardinal, fixed and mutable), which relates to behaviours associated with certain signs.

As a start, we’ll deal with the basics. Match your Western zodiac sign with your Chinese zodiac animal sign (you’ll need the year of your birth). The charts (starting with the Western zodiac) will help you identify your astrological signs.

The Western Zodiac

ARIES – the Ram

(March 21 – April 19)

First sign of the zodiac; represents pioneering, leading, new beginnings. Needs to learn sensitivity to others and patience.

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Season: early spring

Quality: cardinal

Energy: Yang

Tarot Card: The Magician

Gemstone: ruby, diamond

Colour: red

TAURUS – the Bull

(April 20 – May 20) Second sign of the zodiac; represents endurable, practical reality. Needs to learn to go beyond self-indulgence and stubbornness.

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Season: mid-spring

Quality: fixed

Energy: Yin

Tarot card: Heirophant (High Priest)

Gemstone: emerald

Colour: pastel shades and blues

GEMINI – the Twins

(May 21 – June 20)

Third sign of the zodiac; represents versatility, communications, quick thinking. Needs to learn to cooperate and go beyond superficiality.

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Season: late spring

Quality: mutable

Energy: Yang

Tarot Card: The Lovers

Gemstone: agate

Colour: yellow, violet

CANCER – the Crab

(June 21 – July 22)

Fourth sign of the zodiac; represents sensitivity and nurturing. Needs to learn to go beyond self-pity and to control emotions.

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Season: early summer

Quality: cardinal

Energy: Yin

Tarot Card: The Chariot

Gemstone: pearl, amber, moonstone

Colour: indigo, silver

LEO – the Lion

(July 23 – August 22)

Fifth sign of the zodiac; represents creativity, willpower and big-heartedness. Needs to learn to temper intolerance and conceit.

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Season: mid-summer

Quality: fixed

Energy: Yang

Tarot Card: Fortitude, Strength

Gemstone: ruby

Colour: gold, yellow

VIRGO – the Virgin

(August 23 – September 22)

Sixth sign of the zodiac; represents adaptable practicality, service and self-improvement. Needs to learn to overcome fastidiousness and hyper-criticism.

Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Season: late summer

Quality: mutable

Energy: Yin

Tarot Card: The Hermit

Gemstone: opal, agate

Colour: purple

LIBRA – the Scales

(September 23 – October 22)

Seventh sign of the zodiac; represents harmony, justice and balance. Needs to learn climb off the fence and gain confidence.

Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Season: early fall

Quality: cardinal

Energy: Yang

Tarot card: justice

Gemstone: sapphire, jade

Colour: green

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SCORPIO – the Scorpion

(October 23 – November 21)

Eighth sign of the zodiac; represents desires, transformation and power. Needs to learn to overcome jealously and understand the meaning of selfless love.

Planet: Mars, Pluto

Element: Water

Season: mid-fall

Quality: fixed

Energy: Yin

Tarot Card: Death (regeneration)

Gemstone: topaz, opal

Colour: blue-green

SAGITTARIUS – the Archer

(November 22 – December 21)

Ninth sign of the zodiac; represents idealism, enthusiasm and exploration. Needs to learn to temper extravagance and restlessness.

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Season: late fall

Quality: mutable

Energy: Yang

Tarot card: temperance

Gemstone: topaz

Colour: blue, purple

CAPRICORN – the Goat

(December 22 – January 19)

Tenth sign of the zodiac; represents achievement, realism, organization. Needs to learn to understand the feelings and needs of others.

Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Season: early winter

Quality: cardinal

Energy: Yin

Tarot Card: The Devil

Gemstone: amethyst, garnet

Colour: black, gray

AQUARIUS – the Water-Bearer

(January 20 – February 18)

Eleventh sign of the zodiac; represents humanitarianism, reform, uniqueness. Needs to learn overcome rebelliousness and develop true self-confidence.

Planet: Uranus, Saturn

Element: Air

Season: mid-winter

Quality: fixed

Energy: Yang

Tarot Card: The Star

Gemstone: aquamarine

Colour: violet

PISCES – the Fishes

(February 19 – March 20)

Twelth sign of the zodiac; represents compassion, universality, sympathy, love. Needs to learn practicality and independence.

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune

Element: Water

Season: late winter

Quality: mutable

Energy: Yin

Tarot Card: The Moon

Gemstone: moonstone

Colour: blue, sea-green

Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign Charts

JANUARY 31, 1990 – FEBRUARY 17, 1912

JANUARY 31, 1990 – FEBRUARY 17, 1912


January 31, 1990

February 18, 1901



February 19, 1901

February 7, 1902



February 8,1902

January 28, 1903



January 29, 1903

February 15, 1904



February 16, 1904

February 3, 1905



February 4, 1905

January 24, 1906



January 25, 1906

February 12, 1907



February 13, 1907

February 1, 1908



February 2, 1908

January 21, 1909



January 22, 1909

February 9, 1910



February 10, 1910

January 29, 1911



January 30, 1911

February 17, 1912


FEBRUARY 18, 1912 – FEBRUARY 4, 1924


February 18 1912

February 5, 1913



February 6, 1913

January 25, 1914



January 26, 1914

February 13, 1915



February 14, 1915

February 2, 1916



February 3, 1916

January 22, 1917



January 23, 1917

February 10, 1918



February 11, 1918

January 31, 1919



February 1, 1919

February 19, 1920



February 20, 1920

February 7, 1921



February 8, 1921

January 27, 1922



January 28, 1922

February 15, 1923



February 16, 1923

February 4, 1924


FEBRUARY 5, 1924 – JANUARY 23, 1936


February 5, 1924

January 24, 1925



January 25, 1925

February 12, 1926



February 13, 1926

February 1, 1927



February 2, 1927

January 22, 1928



January 23, 1928

February 9, 1929



February 10, 1929

January 29, 1930



January 30, 1930

February 16, 1931



February 17, 1931

February 5, 1932



February 6, 1932

January 25, 1933



January 25, 1933

February 13, 1934



February 13, 1934

February 3, 1935



February 4, 1935

January 23, 1936


JANUARY 24, 1936 – FEBRUARY 9, 1948


January 24, 1936

February 10, 1937



February 11, 1937

January 30, 1938



January 31, 1938

February 18, 1939



February 19, 1939

February 7, 1940



February 8, 1940

January 26, 1941



January 27, 1941

February 14, 1942



February 15, 1942

February 14, 1943



February 5, 1943

January 24, 1944



January 25, 1944

February 12, 1945



February 13, 1945

February 1, 1946



February 2, 1946

January 21, 1947



January 22, 1947

February 9, 1948


FEBRUARY 10, 1948 – JANUARY 9, 1960


February 10, 1948

January 28, 1949



January 29, 1949

February 16, 1950



February 17, 1950

February 5, 1951



February 6, 1951

January 26, 1952



January 27, 1952

February 13, 1953



February 14, 1953

February 2, 1954



February 3, 1954

January 23, 1955



January 24, 1955

February 11, 1956



February 12, 1956

January 30, 1957



January 31, 1957

February 17, 1958



February 18, 1958

February 7, 1959



February 8, 1959

January 27, 1960


JANUARY 28 – FEBRUARY 14, 1972


January 28, 1960

February 14, 1961



February 16, 1961

February 4, 1962



February 5, 1962

January 24, 1963



January 25, 1963

February 12, 1964



February 13, 1964

February 1, 1965



February 2, 1965

January 20, 1966



January 21, 1966

February 8, 1967



February 9, 1967

January 29, 1968



January 30, 1968

February 16, 1969



February 17, 1969

February 5, 1970



February 6, 1970

January 26, 1971



January 27, 1971

February 14, 1972




February 15, 1972

February 2, 1973



February 3, 1973

January 22, 1974



January 23, 1974

February 10, 1975



February 11, 1975

January 30, 1976



January 31, 1976

February 17, 1977



February 18, 1977

February 6, 1978



February 7, 1978

January 27, 1979



January 28, 1979

February 15, 1980



February 16, 1980

February 4, 1981



February 5, 1981

January 24, 1982



January 25, 1982

February 12, 1983



February 13, 1983

February 1, 1984




February 2, 1984

February 19. 1985



February 20, 1985

February 8, 1986



February 9, 1986

January 28, 1987



January 29, 1987

February 16, 1988



February 17, 1988

February 5, 1989



February 6, 1989

January 26, 1990



January 27, 1990

February 14, 1991



February 15, 1991

February 3, 1992



February 4, 1992

January 22, 1993



January 23, 1993

February 9, 1994



February 10, 1994

January 30, 1995



January 31, 1995

February 18, 1996


FEBRUARY 19, 1996 – FEBRUARY 6, 2008


February 16, 1996

February 7, 1997



February 8, 1997

January 27, 1998



January 28, 1998

February 5, 1999



February 6, 1999

February 4, 2000



February 5, 2000

January 23, 2001



January 24, 2001

February 11, 2002



February 12, 2002

January 31, 2003



February 1, 2003

January 21, 2004



January 22, 2004

February __, 2005



February 9, 2005

January 28, 2006



January 29, 2006

February 17, 2007



February 18, 2008

February 6, 2008


Now simply go to the desired Chinese year of birth animal sign first, and then match up with the corresponding Western astrological sign for your personality description!

Chinese Sign Profiles

The Rat

The Rat is ambitious and honest, but prone to spend money freely. The Rat personality has a quick temper. The Rat is compatible with Dragons and Monkeys. The Rat should avoid Horses.

The Ox

The Ox is bright, inspiring, and easy-going. The Ox makes a great parent. The Ox is compatible with a Snake or the Rooster, and should avoid Sheep.

The Tiger

The Tiger is courageous, and has a fighting spirit. The Tiger is a sensitive, deep thinker who also becomes a true blue friend with others. The Tiger is compatible with a Horse or a Dog, but should stay away from a Monkey.

The Rabbit

The Rabbit is the luckiest off all of the signs. The rabbit is talented and affectionate. The Rabbit is also shy. The rabbit seeks peace. The Rabbit is compatible with Sheep, or Pigs, and should avoid Roosters.

The Dragon

The Dragon is excitable and complex. The Dragon is stubborn on the outside, but very compassionate on the inside. The Dragon is a born leader. The Dragon is compatible with Monkeys and Rats, but should avoid Dogs.

The Snake

The Snake is intense and intelligent. The snake thinks highly of himself. The Snake is passionate and determined, and mostly a winner on the financial side of things. The Snake is compatible with the Rooster and Ox, and should be aware of Pigs.

The Horse

The Horse is very popular and cheerful. The Horse is impatient. The horse is very good with money matters. The Horse is compatible with the Tiger and Dog, but should stay away from the Rat.

The Goat

Here are friendly and charmingly nice people. They hate to be critical and are good at looking for the best in others. Goats will forgive and forget quicker than most other people. Goat people live in the present and enjoy life to the fullest. They tend to be very artistic and creative due to their sensitivity.

The Sheep

The Sheep is creative and very good in the Arts. The sheep is passionate, yet timid. The Sheep is most compatible with Rabbits and Pigs, and should avoid the Ox.

The Monkey

The Monkey is very intelligent and very good at influencing others, therefore would make a good politician. The Monkey is always hungry for knowledge. The Monkey, however, can also be easily discouraged. The Monkey is talented and inventive. The Monkey is compatible with a Dragon and a Rat, but should not be with a Tiger.

The Rooster

The Rooster is a leader who is devoted to work and learning new things. The Rooster is sometimes found to be selfish, and even eccentric. The Rooster is compatible with the Snake and Ox, but should stay away from the Rabbit.

The Dog

The Dog is found to be honest, loyal, and makes a great companion. The Dog is generous, but also stubborn. The Dog has a good chance of being successful. The Dog is compatible with Horses and Tigers, but should avoid Dragons.

The Pig

The Pig has a short temper. The Pig is affectionate and kind to ones he loves, and is even found to be shy towards others. The Pig is impulsive, and honest. The Pig is compatible with Sheep and Rabbits, but should stay away from other Pigs!

Profiles Under Combined Signs


TAURUS RAT: Original, independent, and sometimes old-fashioned, Taurus rats have hedonistic qualities. Although good with words, they can also have a hard time acknowledging the achievements of others.

GEMINI RAT: The Gemini rat is a well-spoken leader capable of adding mystery and intrigue to dull situations. Fluent in people skills and indulging in the limelight, boredom is difficult for any Gemini rat. Because of this, depression can occur. However their ingenuity is irrepressible!

CANCER RAT: The caring and protective instinct of the Cancer rat is very tuned into the feeling and emotions of others. Sometimes they will find themselves too involved with the thoughts and actions of others and need to gain a new perspective of the situation. Good negotiating skills make business matters an easy success.

LEO RAT: Classy, giving and always cheerful, the Leo rat is a born leader who craves attention. Those under this sign will sometimes find, though, that sitting down and reading a good book can also be quite enjoyable!

VIRGO RAT: Logical and practical, the Virgo rat is fascinated with details. Sometimes selfish and seeming reserved, their jobs are top priority. Even sometimes dissatisfied with their work, the Virgo rat will work up to everyone's standard but their own.

LIBRA RAT: Libra rats have a great sense of charm and a refined personality that makes them good mediators. Usually passive but sometimes assertive, diplomacy is their main strength. They value love and family as well as their business. True romantics at heart, the Libra rat falls hard for those who hold the same values as them do.

SCORPIO RAT: Curious, clever and passionate about their work, Scorpio rats should learn to trust their intuition, as they are aware of the little dark secrets everyone hides inside. Extremely independent, they keep to themselves and may have difficulty finding friends!

SAGITTARIUS RAT: Open and sometimes outspoken, the Sagittarius rats know what they want and stop at nothing to get it! They are peppy and full of energy and usually keep their more sad and depressed feelings bottled up inside. Full of determination, they never give up.

CAPRICORN RAT: A take-charge person, a Capricorn rat can quite easily become bossy. However, they can be very open to suggestions and even become quite enthusiastic about new ideas. It’s not hard for them to drop their tough external exterior for some fun every now and again.

AQUARIUS RAT: The Aquarius rat very intelligent and is often highly respected in whatever field they decide to pursue. Sometimes this determination can lead to eccentricity or great results or even neuroticism. The Aquarius rat is very rarely bored.

PISCES RAT: An emotional and intuitive person, the Pisces rat often becomes involved with others problems. Armed with good intentions and optimism, they sometimes live in a bubble of what they perceive the world to be. This can cause them to be slightly confused or even stubborn, but success will eventually come in whatever endeavor they follow.


TAURUS OX: A steady and reliable person, they are not often caught daydreaming! They tend to see both sides of a situation, which can result in being somewhat indecisive.

GEMINI OX: Usually carefree, and sometimes even irresponsible, they have a difficult time being serious in many situations. Good communicators but very opinionated, the Gemini ox has a good sense of humor and can make a good friend.

CANCER OX: Somewhat unreliable and with a tendency to quit, the Cancer ox doesn’t have the same sense of determination of other oxen. When given a challenge, they can be touchy as to advice, but deep down, they are very self-conscious and sensitive to feelings. The Cancer ox, though, is very good with handling money and other business matters.

LEO OX: Unconventional and spontaneous, the Leo ox is easy going and good company. However, if challenged, the Leo ox can become quite aggressive and hostile, as anger comes quickly. Mostly though, the Leo ox is friendly with a big sense of originality.

VIRGO OX: Meticulous and patient, the Virgo ox strives for perfection. Their determination can be seen as annoying and they can be too critical of those that are more easygoing. These people can also be quite conservative and old fashioned!

LIBRA OX: Full of charm, the Libra ox is often popular and has no difficulty in making friends and feeling at ease in a new setting. They like to treat themselves. They are a passionate and sensual people with a need to be understood.

SCORPIO OX: Persistent yet sensitive to criticism, this personality can be quite hostile when angered. A mean streak can inhabit the Scorpio ox which causes them to be opinionated and unwilling to compromise.

SAGITTARIUS OX: Open minded about nearly every situation, the Sagittarius ox is a deep thinker who often ponders life’s unanswerable questions. They have a tendency to dwell on the past.

CAPRICORN OX: Power hungry and always striving for success, the Capricorn ox will stop at nothing to get to the top. They want credit for their actions and, being serious as they are, will not waste their time with practical jokes.

AQUARIUS OX: Flexibility remains an admirable quality for those of this sign, but because they are slightly shy, it can be hard for them to express their thoughts and feeling to others. Slightly mysterious, an Aquarius ox can never be taken at face value.

PISCES OX: The Pisces ox is an optimistic person who seldom sees any negativity. Caring and loving people, they are sensitive to the needs of others as well as their own, which can make it difficult for others to understand. Creativity is abundant amongst them.


ARIES TIGER: Reckless and spontaneous, the Aries tiger can have some difficulty being responsible. They are blunt, yet kindhearted. The Aries tiger leaves no time for nostalgia but are conscientious and usually talented.

TAURUS TIGER: An up-front and practical person, the Taurus tiger can be brave but must be careful as to the path they choose to take. Destined for success, their sensitive and reliable side can be hidden.

GEMINI TIGER: Impulsive, and spontaneous, the Gemini tiger often has a hard time making a decision and slicking with it. They invite change, and can become very creative in any situation.

CANCER TIGER: Overly sensitive, the Cancer tiger can be slightly eccentric and irrational in situations. They are often likable, though, and strive for perfection both inside and out.

LEO TIGER: Attention seekers, the Leo tiger can be arrogant and a braggart, even to the point of being unbearable! However, armed with a huge sense of charm, the Leo tiger can prove to be quite faithful and giving.

VIRGO TIGER: Reliable and trust worthy, the Virgo tiger is self-reliant and dependable. While clever and successful, the Virgo tiger can sometimes prove to be arrogant as well.

LIBRA TIGER: A true believer in the law, the Libra tiger believes in fairness to all parties. A warm personality, Libra tigers are hard workers and can be very charming and resourceful.

SCORPIO TIGER: Short tempered and extremely aggressive, the Scorpio tiger is also energetic and ambitious. Loyal and faithful to those close to them, they will stop at nothing to reach their goals!

SAGITTARIUS TIGER: A dreamer by any standard, the Sagittarius tiger is usually easygoing and reliable - and occasionally indecisive. Often involved in introspection, their generosity can be easily taken for granted.

CAPRICORN TIGER: Not always the most thoughtful and considerate of people, the Capricorn tiger is can be sociality shy and have a hard time making friends. Sensitive to the criticism of others, they try hard to please and are quite reliable.

AQUARIUS TIGER: An intelligent and perseverant character, the Aquarius tigers are good-natured and success tends to follow them everywhere. They can be technological fiends. On the negative side, hey can be quite gullible and easily fall for the antics of a good salesman.

PISCES TIGER: A kind and loving person, the Pisces tiger is often in tune with their inner hopes and desires. They may have difficulty making decisions, however, and find it hard to be understood by others.


ARIES RABBIT: Aries brings courage to the rabbit: which is a graceful combination. A high need to achieve characterizes people with this combination and they are risk-takers. However, Aries Rabbits can be emotional both in expression and in vulnerability.

TAURUS RABBIT: This combination tends to hedonistic pleasures. It is probably important that this person strive to not offend others with ostentatious displays. This person primarily enjoys the simple pleasures in life particularly when they are related to one’s home.

GEMINI RABBIT: This type of personality is a bit of a mixture - where it may appear to others as almost shallow or insincere, but where the person is actually very much organized and analytical of both other people and social situations. These people enjoy demonstrating their knowledge and can be good salespeople.

CANCER RABBIT: This type of personality is most cautious. Generally, however, these people are among those who make the best friends since they are such good hosts or hostesses and are really such nice people.

LEO RABBIT: Here is the best example of a type of personality capable of tremendous achievement. Although seeming to be quite reposed, it is difficult for this of rabbit personality to hide their objectivity and emotion. Sometimes they exhibit a bit of selfishness and put on airs. But mostly they are a generous nature.

VIRGO RABBIT: Here is wisdom and remarkable respect for others. They are sometimes restless, however, and often demonstrate a tendency to worry too much.

LIBRA RABBIT: This type individual is capable of becoming an excellent salesperson or teacher or other form of communicator since they can use words very effectively. They tend to ask a lot of questions of others and work hard at getting what they want in life. They appreciate the finer things in life but should avoid feeling of superiority toward those less fortunate.

SCORPIO RABBIT: Very proud individuals, these rabbits put forth their best in whatever endeavor they choose. Their seriousness can be mistaken for aloofness. Through appearing mysterious and shy about personal things, they are not. A Scorpio rabbit is quite often an inspirational character and can be a pillar of strength for rabbits.

SAGITTARIUS RABBIT: This is the coolest, most laid back rabbit and is most interested in exotic pursuits. Although they make loyal and loving partners in life, they are not generally appreciably diplomatic or tactful in dealing with other people.

CAPRICORN RABBIT: These rabbits are quite graceful physically. They are considerate and protective of loved ones. Sometimes, however, they seem somewhat impractical in facing problems and they might prove a trifle inconsiderate of the feelings of others in certain stressful circumstances,

AQUARIUS RABBIT: This is the rabbit seeking knowledge and adventure almost for its own sake! They tend to be reserved or even aloof from others in certain situations and have a reputation for not needing very much relative security.

PISCES RABBIT: Here is the insecure rabbit, which can manifest itself in a stubborn character. Nevertheless, this rabbit personality can be most companionable and refined in nature, living a happy, well-adjusted life overall. Pisces rabbit seem mysterious to others and often share some psychic ability.

Back to Top DRAGON

ARIES DRAGON: These personalities are most enthusiastic about relationships and adventures. But they can prove to be selfish and somewhat arrogant in their dealings with others who they believe are not important to them. An Aries dragon should learn to finish things they have started and not leave uncompleted tasks for others.

TAURUS DRAGON: These are more earthly than other dragons while still retaining a creative spirit. They often demonstrate great staying power in problem solving situations or project completions. Taurus dragons can be quite sentimental and overly sensitive. Good creative energy is abundant in their makeup.

GEMINI DRAGON: Good talkers and thinkers. Gemini dragons are good at using humor to make a valid point. And they usually have high principles.

CANCER DRAGON: Cancer dragons think and feel deeply. They can be too sensitive but are adroit at awakening and motivating others to realize their dreams.

LEO DRAGON: In the negative, Leo dragons can be tiresome and excessive in their demands and may have superior attitude to others. Positive attributes, however, include nobility and generosity toward others who are clearly less fortunate,

VIRGO DRAGON: Virgo dragons love puzzles and challenges in logic. They are strong realists. They are well meaning underneath what appears to be an external harshness.

LIBRA DRAGON: Good leaders and diplomats come from this group. They are refined and intelligent and exhibit style and taste. And in a word - class!

SCORPIO DRAGON: This type personality can’t compromise or quit! Jealousy is a fault, which leads to overly strong reactions which, in turn, can lead to intense events and situations.

SAGITTARIUS DRAGON: Optimism is abound in this personality! They proudly get along with most anyone without being arrogant. They are risk-takers who are unsentimental and fun-loving.

CAPRICORN DRAGON: Capricorn dragons have some difficulty in expressing their true feelings. To others, they can seem hard and overly ambitious but, underneath, are often compassionate and sensitive individuals.

AQUARIUS DRAGON: With an inquisitive and versatile mind, it is difficult for this personality to relax. Although sociable and popular, they are frequently pessimistic.

PISCES DRAGON: This dragon can be hard to understand! Generally, they are charming and lovable types but they can quickly become defensive and demanding where security is the issue.


ARIES SNAKE: These are more impulsive and less reserved than other snakes. These people are both intelligent and powerful adversaries.

TAURUS SNAKE: A charming combination, these are down-to-earth personalities who are hard working and faithful to their loved ones. They are often wise and practicable.

GEMINI SNAKE: Intellectual and sophisticated, these personalities should be careful to not become too clever and miss some greater absolutes!

CANCER SNAKE: Cancer snakes can identify their own weaknesses and are therefore adept at over- indulgence! Although Cancer snakes are temperamental, they are actually well meaning individuals.

LEO SNAKE: These personalities are generous and open. They are adventurous and love the out-of-doors. On the other hand, however, they can be self-righteous and overly competitive.

VIRGO SNAKE: Virgo snakes are analytical and intuitive. On the negative side, they can appear calculating and intimidating to others. Virgo snakes are very serious about matters of the heart.

LIBRA SNAKE: What a great diplomat! Beware the cool appearance though. All snakes dislike vulgarity, but an angry Libra snake is capable of anything!

SCORPIO SNAKE: Always competitive. Scorpio is notorious for scheming and craftiness. This can make their lives are unnecessarily complicated.

SAGITTARIUS SNAKE: Moral and social responsibility is hallmark for this personality type! They are generous and can appear relatively unconcerned about appearance.

CAPRICORN SNAKE: Capricorn snakes can be materialistic and status seeking. They are good home providers, though, and prefer a solid family base. They think more deeply than typical snakes but tend to be reserved socially.

AQUARIUS SNAKE: Visionary, esoteric and very individualistic are the hallmarks of this personality. The make friends quickly and are not overly concerned about the opinions of others.

PISCES SNAKE: These snake personalities are frequently disillusioned because they are acute dreamers and idealists. These people appear self-composed and cool. They are generally kind but sometimes lack necessary courage.


ARIES HORSE: Here is a good companion. They are aggressive and competitive and enterprising. They are capable of full devotion.

TAURUS HORSE: These horses are less temperamental than other horses and therefore more stable. Taurus horses will readily accept advice from others and are good planners.

GEMINI HORSE: Gemini horses are enthusiastic and sociable. They are curious - which can get them into mischief very easily!

CANCER HORSE: This personality is adept at appreciating the feelings and needs of others. They are very sensitive and depend heavily on the nurturing provided by their immediate family and closest friends.

LEO HORSE: Leo horses love adventure and the World is their park. They like to be admired and are generally not worried by a self-doubt more common to other horses.

VIRGO HORSE: A well-balanced personality says it all!

LIBRA HORSE: This personality is sometimes indecisive. They can be levelheaded or realistic but can lack independence,

SCORPIO HORSE: Stubborn and wild, these personalities cannot compromise. They use much of their energy in satisfying their desires.

SAGITTARIUS HORSE: Here is an almost stereotypical horse personality. They are happy and carefree and fun to be around. But they can be unpredictable on occasion.

CAPRICORN HORSE: This horse is typically hard working and a goal setter. They are quite serious about life and can be materialistic.

AQUARIUS HORSE: An Aquarius horse is eccentric but talented. They love to surround themselves with both new and old-friends,

PISCES HORSE: These personalities are typically loving, eager and warmhearted. However, some basic anxieties and insecurities can threaten an otherwise idyllic existence.


ARIES GOAT: Goats and rams share many traits. Those born under both signs are almost stereotypical goats. They are however, more independent or even headstrong. Aries goats hold grudges and seek revenge on enemies.

TAURUS GOAT: These people really prefer domestic and financial security. They are not risk takers. While basically easygoing, when pushed to the edge this goat will soon erupt into a fury.

GEMINI GOAT: Here are easily distracted goat people. They certainly are intelligent and are also curious always having something on their minds.

CANCER GOAT: This goat type tend to be temperamental and fickle. They really care what others think of them. If insecure they are kind and gentle; if neglected, they become vindictive and stubborn.

LEO GOAT: Leo introduces a much-needed measure of common sense to this goat combination. Leo goats are both sensitive and resolute. They are the most charismatic of all and it is easy for them to find supporters of their ideas and plans.

VIRGO GOAT: Virgo goats are perfectionists in their drive to help. Sometimes too critical, they are nevertheless basically well-meaning. They are usually more intellectual than other goats and need a job that demands intelligence to prevent their own boredom.

LIBRA GOAT: Intelligence and refinement characterize these specimens. They prefer to make good impressions and always take care of their appearance. They crave constant companionship.

SCORPIO GOAT: Scorpio bring the goat huge reserves of willpower. Sensitive natures take second place to ambition. Not practical, these types are erratic and eccentric but have bursts of wisdom and artistic creation.

SAGITTARIUS GOAT: These types have considerable self-confidence and can support themselves and not need others to care for them. They are adventurous but less sensitive than other goats.

CAPRICORN GOAT: Capricorn goats are practical and opportunistic. They relish financial wealth and status. They are usually successful in careers but find it hard to be open with others in emotional matters.

AQUARIUS GOAT: These people are gifted planners who don’t worry about criticism. They are often idiosyncratic. They are creative but need to learn to evaluate risks better.

PISCES GOAT: These goat people are almost too sensitive for their own good. Their emotions will reflect the atmosphere of their surroundings. They are inspired but need a stable home base before they can express their creativity.


ARIES SHEEP: Similarities abound here! Consequently, those born with both of these signs are almost stereotypes of goats. They are headstrong and extremely independent. They can be stubborn and tend to hold a grudge and seek revenge on enemies. But they are charming, amiable and sympathetic – and genuinely nice people!

TAURUS SHEEP: These goats prefer tranquility and home security and financial well being. They are not risk-takers and appear, outwardly at least, to be laid-back. However, don't push them too far because they often have a. great temper.

GEMINI SHEEP: This type of personality can be easily distracted but one who has an intelligent and curious mind. These people are full of new and interesting things.

CANCER SHEEP: These goats can be temperamental and fickle. They can be overly concerned with others’ opinions of them, and if they sense that they are being ignored, they can become angry and stubborn. On the other hand, when this goat perceives security, they tend towards gentility and kindness.

LEO SHEEP: A good common sense approach to others make this the most charismatic of all the goats, and thus it is easy for them to find volunteers for their newest activity. Leo goats are both resolute and sensitive.

VIRGO SHEEP: Sometimes this goat personality can be too critical of others and their inevitable shortcomings. They tend to be more intellectual than other goats and require challenges to inspire them out their boredom. Virgo goats seek perfection in most of what they do and expect no less of others, which can cause some friction in their Universe.

LIBRA SHEEP: The Libra goat is most elegant and refined by nature. They are keen to impress others with appearances and are capable of extreme compromise to hold others’ affection. They thrive on the friendship of others.

SCORPIO SHEEP: Ambitious but sometimes impractical, these goats can be erratic and exhibit peculiar behavior. They make good artists and frequently exhibit inordinate wisdom. Their willpower is outstanding.

SAGITTARIUS SHEEP: These goats epitomize self-confidence but this can be negated by frequent and relative insensitivity. They seek adventure and often throw caution to the wind.

CAPRICORN SHEEP: These goats seek practical solutions to problems and tend to identify opportunities where others cannot see them. The accumulation of wealth and social status is important. It is sometimes difficult for these goats to trust others and share emotional experiences, openly.

AQUARIUS SHEEP: These personalities are capable of great vision and imagination. Their behaviour can be unorthodox on occasion since they tend to be unaware or uncaring of the affect they have on others. They should try to discover the difference between some risk-taking behavior and the dangerous risks that are involved in their more grandiose plans.

PISCES SHEEP: This personality is often guilty of caring too much! Their emotional sensitivity and social concern exceeds the norm and can negatively hamper their otherwise keen intellect and ability to be innovative and creative.


ARIES MONKEY: This conspicuous personality is talkative and a straight shooter. They are perceptive of ongoing social reality and clever at deducing opportunities and business. Most of us can usually remember what such a monkey stated on one or more occasions.

TAURUS MONKEY: Resourcefulness is the most influential characteristic of this monkey. They are successful at focusing brilliantly on one problem at a time until solution is reached.

GEMINI MONKEY: This monkey is quick-witted but can lack sufficient focus or direction. They are mentally dexterous and capable of unusual creative solutions.

CANCER MONKEY: Moody and unpredictable is characteristic of this monkey. They have a high need to feel comfortable and secure in their surrounding.

LEO MONKEY: Direct, candid, and witty, we are often charmed by this personality which excels at story telling. Ignore this personality at your own potential peril!

VIRGO MONKEY: Analytical, clever and deep thinking are characteristics of this personality. They are often too suspicious of the real feelings of others, however, and this can lead to missing out on rare opportunities to discover a real truth.

LIBRA MONKEY: Epitome of successful salesperson identifies this generally rewarding-to-be- around specimen. The are frequently positively eloquent and can get along with almost anyone in any circumstances. Be careful, however, if you happen to be a relatively weaker personality because this monkey can be exploitative and manipulative in dealing with others perceived as less intelligent or capable.

SCORPIO MONKEY: What a dangerous combination! These people are among the more secretive among us. They suspect everyone and everything and they are always planning and scheming with others whom they perceive to be equally ambitious. Despite this, they are quick to stop others from manipulating them. They try to be honest but will tell a lie if convenient.

SAGITTARIUS MONKEY: Here is the stereotype of the monkey personality. Broad-minded and curious, they love travel and adventure. When bored, these monkeys create their own amusement through mischievous behavior.

CAPRICORN MONKEY: This personality embodies great personal anguish when things or people are perceived to be not acting up to standards. This personality exudes suave and resourceful behaviour, but what you see is not always (or even often!) what you get.

AQUARIUS MONKEY: Good creativity and vision are characterized here. They appear to be quite independent - and often are. But deeper down, this personality needs to be loved and appreciated.

PISCES MONKEY: This type of personality is usually intuitive and sensitive to situations. They also often appear to be a little eccentric but they are really just relatively deep- thinkers who are both spiritual and intelligent.


ARIES ROOSTER: This personality is bold and adventurous. They most often get what they want out of life and others. They are clever at putting all their abilities and energies into focus when it pleases them.

TAURUS ROOSTER: Steady and dependable, they are among the most willing to help others in distress. They are good planners but can struggle with adaptability in some unusual circumstances.

GEMINI ROOSTER: This personality can frequently be found as an imposter. They do share culture and knowledge, but since they have a somewhat extravagant nature, are rarely satisfied to flaunt just what they do know and usually add a flavor of what they don't.

CANCER ROOSTER: An emotional rooster, a cancer rooster, when feeling insecure, can be quite depressing to be around. They are often vain and egotistical and can be easily swayed by the opinions or flattery of those they admire.

LEO ROOSTER: Leo rooster loves to be the center of attention. They appear quite generous to those who don't know them that well - but they are often just doing something to make them feel better. On the positive side, roosters are noble and confident.

VIRGO ROOSTER: These people love to argue. They excel at semantics and strive to be precise and critical. A secret negative Virgo rooster trait is to be riddled with self-doubts and even to experience a serious lack of confidence!

LIBRA ROOSTER: Talkative and diplomatic characterizes this rooster. They have a highly developed esthetic sensibility but, as a negative trait, are too often proud and even indecisive at times.

SCORPIO ROOSTER: These personalities can be most persuasive and are difficult to best at verbal exchange. They make formable debating team members and become successful at almost any vocation or employment they choose.

SAGITTARIUS ROOSTER: Love of travel and a total appreciation of what life has to offer makes these roosters less ostentatious than their fellows. Enthusiasm is contagious and usually beneficial in their relationships, particularly with relative strangers. But do watch out for the excitability of their personality.

CAPRICORN ROOSTER: This rooster personality is adept at projecting conservatism as a means to achieve the material wealth they really crave. They are loyal and compassionate lovers but their intellectual lives are usually more full than their love lives.

AQUARIUS ROOSTER: This is the most colorful and eccentric rooster of all. They do not respond well to apparent arrogance in others and remain sincere and generous partners. They are also idealistic and unique beings.

PISCES ROOSTER: Here we have sensitivity and vulnerability. Pisces roosters can lack self-confidence and are rarely happy or relaxed until or unless they are domestically and financially secure.


TAURUS DOG: Chauvinistic males can be something of an aggravation here but otherwise this personality tends to sensible and constructive in their criticism. There is, however, a conspicuous preoccupation with material wealth and its acquisition, sometimes to the expense of others.

GEMINI DOG: Love to discuss the world's problems and best solutions. Ask this dog and you’ll be richly rewarded with fresh ideas - often stimulating but sometimes a trifle unstable!

CANCER DOG: The cancer dog personality seems too often to be cold and indifferent but getting to know them better usually results in the realization that they are among the most sensitive of personalities and exhibit traditional values.

LEO DOG: Here is a most direct and honest personality, which hates to be manipulated by others. They are spontaneous and energetic and one of the most colorful of the dog personalities!

VIRGO DOG: Self-criticism and undue anxiety characterize this personality. These types are kind and mostly gentle if they perceive themselves not at a disadvantage in a given social situation

LIBRA DOG: Most impressive! They are overly sociable, however, and can be too compromising for some tastes.

SCORPIO DOG: These are frequently unsociable types. And human temptations are frequently too much for them. At their worst, they can become self-righteous and openly aggressive. The good news, however, is that they are among the most compassionate of all of us when circumstances are truly desperate.

SAGITTARIUS DOG: These dogs appreciate cultural differences and radical viewpoints - to the point that others of us sometimes think that they are too open-minded! But they do care deeply about legal issues and justice.

CAPRICORN DOG: Here is a community-minded stalwart. The Capricorn dog is usually financially successful and conservative in all things. They have a rather strict sense of duty and responsibility to their community and country but tend to be sometimes overly moralistic.

AQUARIUS DOG: Here we have good communication skills. The Aquarius dog is unique and can tend to eccentricity. But this type of personality has an individual outlook on life that works to their advantage.

PISCES DOG: This personality type is sometimes unable to muster the courage of their convictions because they can lack the confidence they need to put into play the findings of their otherwise strong mind imagery.


ARIES PIG: These personalities are excellent in art related work and in management roles. They are popular with others and manifest an enthusiasm combined with an innocence.

TAURUS PIG: Here is a truly fortunate sign and year to be born under. These personalities are kind and generous and compassionate, while still being included among the most lucky and successful people among us.

GEMINI PIG: Intellectual pursuits are sought by these personalities - even at the expense of physical pleasure. Sometimes these people can be a trifle outspoken.

CANCER PIG: On the negative side, these personalities can be subject to serious mood swings and sustained bouts of depression. More positively, however, the cancer pig is capable of a fascinating amount of self-sufficiency and keen insight.

LEO PIG: These people truly enjoy helping others. They are generous and warmhearted. A negative tendency toward self-indulgence, however, can create some problems.

VIRGO PIG: This personality can appear calculating and cold toward others. They will only serve those who they perceive really need help. Although kind, they only bestow their favors on those they think "deserve".

LIBRA PIG: Sophisticated Libra adds refinement to this pig personality. This personality type is talented and creative but may be guilty of dreaming too much when they should be "doing".

SCORPIO PIG: These personalities can be suspicious by nature and seek financial success even at the risk of other’s expressed resentment as to their tenacity and outspokenness!

SAGITTARIUS PIG: Enthusiasm and curiosity personified, these personalities can be attentive love partners but reject ties that bind, preferring the happy-go-lucky road to adventure until they are much older in life.

CAPRICORN PIG: Negative alert! If not careful, these types of personalities can be quite overbearing and authoritarian, even with loved ones. They are, however, loyal and protective of their family and strive to succeed and impress the world.

AQUARIUS PIG: Popular, honest and sincere, these personality types sometimes appear eccentric. However, they exhibit a truly, unique interpretation of life but sometimes have difficulty getting very close to anyone.

PISCES PIG: Pisces pigs are pleasant people. Many of them have the natural ability to heal others. They are good hosts but can be somewhat tight with their money! They are charming, sweet natured and loving – truly nice people!

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